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Mr. Message for OS/2 is an instant messenger client which is capable of communicating over AOL's Instant Messenger network using the OSCAR protocol (used in the Win32 AIM clients, jBuddy, Pidgin, Kopete, ICQ, and a variety of other clients). It is a native OS/2 application, built from the ground up by Marty Amodeo using OpenWatcom 1.5.

Currently Supported Features

  • Sound clips tied to IM events (any audio format supported by OS/2 can be used)
  • Independent volume control for audio clips played by this application (distinct from the global system volume control)
  • Individual settings for each IM session
  • Simultaneous multiple logins for multiple AOL screen names
  • Buddy List retrieval from AOL servers
  • Send and receive plain text messages
  • Buddy List icons based on user status
  • Buddy List filtering based on user status
  • Fly-over status containing buddy information on Buddy List
  • Automatic retrieval of user profiles and away messages
  • Drag-n-drop font and color support to customize most windows
  • Idle time detection and reporting
  • Ability to assign your own aliases for user screen names
  • Ability to add and remove buddies on the local buddy list
  • Secure MD5 encrypted login
  • User profile support
  • Away message support
  • Automatic login of one or more sessions on startup
  • Understands typing notifications sent out by other clients
  • Optionally sends notifications to your buddies when you are typing
  • Can automatically re-connect when you are disconnected from the server
  • REXX scripting integration
  • Support for offline messages in ICQ

System Requirements

  • Warp 3, Warp 4, Warp 4.51, Warp 4.52, eCS 1.0 or later
  • 16-bit or 32-bit TCP/IP stack