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Version 0.2.0
Vendor N/A
Author Cristiano Guadagnino
License GNU GPL V2
Download Version 0.2.0

Source Code Git

Website Archived Website

MultiDesk is an extension package for OS/2, that enables multiple desktops and users, with individual configurations.

It takes a slightly different approach than other similar software products, that may make it a little less convenient to use, but a LOT more powerful.


Main features are:

  • Multiple desktops, completely separate from each other;
  • ...this means even separate class list: you can have different desktop enhancers for different users;
  • Multiple users, each with his own desktop;
  • Customizable environment, on a user-per-user basis;
  • Customizable pre/post login scripts;
  • Customizable shell: the user is NOT forced to use the WPS;
  • Customizable resolution: each user can have a different video resolution;
  • WarpCenter management (i.e. different WarpCenters for different users);
  • Configurable default user;
  • Configurable "root" (administrator) user;
  • Configurable security settings;
  • Locking of files to prevent users from reading/writing (e.g. configuration and password files are automatically locked).
  • A full-featured user-management program, that can be used to:
    • Create/delete users;
    • Create/delete desktops;
    • Customize desktops;
    • Copy settings from one desktop to another;
You need WarpIN to install MultiDesk.