Mustek Video Cameras Work Nice With eComStation

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From the OS2eCS Organization

By Thomas Lee Mullins

I have bought a Mustek video camera. Most of the Mustek digital cameras and all of the mustek video cameras use mmc/sd cards for storage. The video camera I bought is a DV5600.


The Mustek cameras use a mutimedia card or secure data(sd) card. Since there is yet a way to use the video camera directly; ie webcam, one could use an USB card reader. One can attach the video camera to the computer and have it seen(detected) as a 'mass storage' device.

I have bought a USB card reader from Iogear. It can read either a mmc or sd card. It plugs into the USB port and is treated as 'mass storage'. The cost for the reader is inexpensive.

This is the pocket card reader I purchased:


eComStation provides great support for USB mass storage devices. I installed the latest drivers from the registered users download section, at the eComStation site ( It was easy to load with the 'device driver install' program that comes with eCS. With eCS having USB mass storage support, one could (in theory) use any usb card reader to transfer images, files or videos to their eComStation computer.

I used the video camera to take some videos. I extracted the sd card from the camera and inserted it into the USB card reader. I connected the USB card reader to the USB port on my Thinkpad T23. It detected it as a mass storage device. I was able to download the files to my eCS 1.1 T23. I was able to view the .asf files using WarpVision ( It worked quite well!