N1602 - SOMobjects Developer Toolkit Workshop

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Course N1602 - SOMobjects Developer Toolkit Workshop


If you'll be designing and implementing applications in either the AIX or OS/2 environment, this course is for you. You'll explore the components of the Systems Object Model (SOM) Toolkit and learn how to begin working with the toolkit. Using SOM Version 2.0, you'll learn about the SOM frameworks through lectures and extensive hands-on lab exercises.

How you will benefit

Learn how to:

  • Build OS/2 and AIX object-oriented applications using SOM
  • Implement and use SOM classes in C or C++
  • Use and extend the SOM compiler and tools
  • Add persistence and replication capabilities to SOM objects
  • Construct a CORBA standard Object Request Broker with Distributed SOM


  • Features and Use of SOM 2.0
    • Defining classes using Interface Definition Language (IDL)
    • Implementing and using SOM classes with C language bindings
  • SOM Frameworks
    • Distributed SOM (DSOM)
    • The Persistence Framework
    • The Emitter Framework
  • Frameworks Laboratory Exercise
  • Language Bindings


You should have programming experience with C or C++ on an AIX or OS/2 platform, as well as knowledge of object orientation.