N1680 - Developing Helps and Online Documents Using OS/2 IPF

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Course N1680 - Developing Helps and Online Documents Using OS/2 IPF


OS/2 2.X leads the industry with an extensive help and online informa- tion hypertext system that includes over 5,000 panels. In this workshop, you'll produce helps and online documents with the OS/2 Information Presentation Facility (IPF), the same facility used by IBM developers for OS/2's online information.

You will learn how to integrate CUA-compliant help information with the Presentation Manager applications you develop. You will learn how to take advantage of the new features of OS/2 2.X to create customized help and document windows.

How you will benefit

This workshop teaches you how to:

  • Use IPF to create help information that is integrated with application programs
  • Use IPF to create stand-alone, online documents
  • Use advanced IPF features to customize and enhance online help and documents


  • Common User Access (CUA) considerations
  • IPF architecture
  • Formatting controls for text
  • Including graphic illustrations
  • Hypertext and hypergraphic links
  • Customized windows
  • Launching external programs
  • Compiler options
  • Building an index


IBM Publishing Systems BookMaster experience is helpful but not required.