N1934E - Object-Oriented Programming With C++ on OS/2

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This intensive course effectively combines a thorough introduction to the principles and benefits of object technology with in-depth training in C++ programming and design. You will learn targeted techniques for implementing object technology through the C++ programming language. You will use tools that are part of the IBM VisualAge for C++ product to enhance your effectiveness as a C++ developer. At the end of this class, you will have designed and developed object-oriented C++ applications, and be positioned to expand your new C++ expertise through participation in on-the-job projects, as well as Advanced C++ Programming (N1941E). This course teaches you the principles of object-oriented (OO) programming and design using the C++ language. You will receive extensive experience through design workshops and hands-on programming labs using IBM VisualAge for C++.


4.5 days

What You Will Learn:

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the benefits of object-oriented programming
  • Apply object-oriented programming principles
  • Design OO applications, using objects, classes, inheritance, and polymorphism
  • Implement OO programs, using C++ and the VisualAge C++ for OS/2 compiler
  • Debug a C++ program using the VisualAge C++ debugger
  • Use objects with C++ instead of C++ as just an enhanced version of C


  • OO principles
  • Objects, classes, inheritance
  • Designing with objects (Inheritance vs Aggregation)
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstract Classes
  • Multiple inheritance
  • Introduction to OO Language Implementation
  • The C++ language
  • Private, protected, and public keywords
  • Inheritance and Aggregation in C++
  • Operator overloading
  • Dynamic binding (virtual functions in C++)
  • Abstract Base Classes (pure virtual functions)
  • Copying Objects
  • Templates
  • Exception handling


Technical professionals who want a practical introduction to object-oriented programming and design. This course is appropriate for programmers planning to use C++ as their OO language.


Before taking this course, you should have extensive C programming language experience and could be obtained from:

  • Introduction to C Programming on the PC (K3604E)
  • Advanced C Programming on the PC (K3605E)
  • An Introduction to C as a Foundation for C++ on OS/2 (N1938E)

NOTE: This course will not review the C language. This course does NOT cover the Visual Application Builder part of the VisualAge C++ for OS/2 product. That is taught in a separate course VisualAge C++: Using the Visual Application Builder (N1880E).


Not Available.