N3034 - OS/2 Kernel Debugging

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Course N3034 - OS/2 Kernel Debugging


Explore the OS/2 2.X data structures and the OS/2 kernel using the debugger.

How you will benefit

Learn how to effectively use the OS/2 kernel debugger.


  • Overview of the kernel debugger
  • Page demand memory management - CPU page translation
  • The LDT and GDT: address thunking and memory management
  • Analysis of memory management using the debugger
  • API for memory management
  • Kernel debugger lab exercises
  • Description of the OS/2 loader and analysis
  • Description of the OS/2 scheduler and analysis
  • Description of OS/2 semaphores and analysis
  • Introduction to semaphore API
  • Final trouble shooting lab exercise


You should be able to read Assembler and C language source listings. You should also have a basic understanding of OS/2 concepts.