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Version 1.71 (Oct 2002)
Author Sergey Ayukov
License MIT

NFTP is a text-mode ftp client for OS/2. Comparing to popular ncftp, it has a number of enhancements.

  • remote directory view is fully scrollable with minimum keystrokes required
  • remote directory contents is cached during one session
  • marking files for download/upload: you don't need to type filenames at all
  • remote file viewing is more simple and intelligent, and viewed files are cached as well
  • you can see client-server negotiation (even complete history during all run)
  • batch progress indicator (you see how long will take entire operation if more than one file was selected to transfer)
  • file selection is simple and allows to view remote files while marking others to transfer
  • skip files during transfer while continuing to download/upload the rest
  • mark files in different directories and then retrieve them all
  • sort remote directories by name, size, date/time
  • support for 13 languages:
    • Brazilian, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish
    • Chinese, Japanese
    • Danish, English, German, Hungarian, Norwegian, Swedish
    • Russian