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Screen View

Workplace Shell Customization Program.

NPS WPS Enhancer improves usability and customizability of OS/2, version 2.1 or later. Since this software is freeware, there is no warranty. With NPS WPS Enhancer installed on your desktop, you can...

   sort objects in a folder by file extensions.
   move folder windows or the system clock window by dragging with mouse button 2.
   remove the menu items "Sort" and "Arrange" from the desktop popup menu.
   use the popup menu on OS/2 or DOS command windows, and open files or copy filenames from a file dialog in OS/2 windows.
   show the Window List by clicking both buttons in almost all windows.
   select objects in a folder by their names. (wildcards available)
   remap keys in PM windows or OS/2 command windows. (temporary macro available)
   move a window by dragging its frame with mouse button 2.
   make the mouse pointer "wrap" at the edge of the screen.
   draw lines on the screen.
   arrange objects in a folder in a matrix.
   automatically move the mouse pointer to the focused window.
   decorate the desktop with window shadows.
   add a "close" button to windows.
   automatically activate the window under the mouse pointer.
   (optionally leave Z-order the same)
   change z-order of folders when you drag objects.
   use "full window" window drag instead of frame drag.
   mark and copy command window text with the mouse.
   paste the clipboard text to command windows with the mouse.
   drag files which are listed in the list box of a file dialog.
   change an icon for standard files. (not available on Warp)
   enjoy new window open/close animations.
   scroll folder windows smoothly with their scroll bars.
   automatically select the menu item under the mouse pointer.
   change window z-order without changing the focus.
   use the popup menu on the Entry Fields to copy, cut, and paste.

Each function can be individually enabled, so you can use only the functions you want to.


Select / Sort

  • Extension Sort
  • Selection by Object Name
  • Disable Sort and Arrange of Desktop
  • Arrange Icons on Matrix


  • Frame Drag
  • Folder Drag
  • System Clock Drag
  • Show Other Folders when Drag
  • Full Window Drag


  • Move Pointer to Focus
  • Wrap Pointer on Screen Border
  • Activate Window at Pointer
  • Automatic Menu Selection

Screen View

  • Screen Drawing
  • Window Shadows on Desktop
  • Random Icons


  • Window Animation for Open / Close

Command Window

  • Popup Menu
  • Extended Marking
  • Quick Paste


  • Key Translation
  • Entry Field Menu