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Changes Version 2.19.4 updated (2008-09-01)

   Swedish translation added (Thanks to Björn Söderström)
   Fix: NewView is now able to open really large help files (e.g. jdk14corba.inf with 11921536bytes).
   Fix: In some situations the highlighting of the search results marks to many places in a topic. 

Version 2.19.3 updated (2008-08-03)

   Support for 'Internet-Application-Integration' added.
   NewView is now able to start different applications for news, mail and ftp.
   Fix: More link fixes.
   Fix: Searching all drives works again. 

Version 2.19.1 updated (2008-04-28)

   Fix: Broken link hanlding; NewView was unable to start a program or open the web browser.
   Fix: Detection of links pointing to a url was not working. 

Version 2.19 updated (2007-06-22)

   french translation (gui and help file) added
   german help file added 

Version 2.19 (2007-05-14)

   the display of a bubble help at some places of the left panel is removed
   the default of the option 'Show left panel for - Online help for applications' is changed to true.
   new toolbar icon added for toggling the left panel
   all toolbar icons replaced by now ones (copied form lucide)
   the order of the icons is changed
   some problems with various cml line options fixed
   global search in selected help path directories searches in all; fixed
   starting 'newview -lang:en' produces some problems with translations
   e.g. in the global search dialog; fixed (#16)
   some layout problems with the gloabal search dialog fixed (includes the fix for #15)
   New command line parser
   The command line syntax is changed.
     newview cmdref copy
     newview /s cmdref copy
     newview /s cmdref "net access"
     newview /g cmdref help
     newview /g help
   many fixes for links
   other small fixes (see trac)
   many changes for the debugging support
   There was a blank at the beginning of a paragraph after a graphic; fixed
   In some other situations there was a blank to much at the beginning of a paragraph; fixed
   Version numbering changed
   Menu entry 'Save as IPF' translated to german
   many refactoring changes to remove unused source and add as many unit tests as possible
   yes we have (356) unit tests! (at the moment manly for the command line)
   some backup files removed
   ACLCtl10.DLL, ACLCtl10.h, ACLCtl10.pas, removed form my local build \components directory
   Test.pas removed form my local build \components directory
   fix for unused vars in sibyl\addon\gradient.pas
   fix for unused vars in sibyl\addon\ScktComp.pas
   fix for missing bitmap cool1.bmp in components 

Version 2.18.1 (2006-06-03)

   Tools - Save as IPF