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Nicholas McGuigan is an IT architect at McGuigan Consulting, located at Melbourne Area, Australia.

Nick McGuigan has experience in the DP, IS and IT industry, he spend 18 years with IBM Australia Ltd. He has worked as a CICS applications programmer, a mid-range systems specialist in DOS/VS, VSE, CICS/DOS/VS, DL/I-DOS/VS and distributed systems before moving into the desktop workstation area in 1983.

In this role, he has worked with DOS and OS/2 based environments and is experienced in LAN Server, DB2/2 as well as languages such as C and C++. From 1990 to 1992, he was on assignment to IBM Austin, Texas where he provided technology transfer support for OS/2 Database Manager throughout the world.

Nick was a senior consultant for IBM's Client Server Solutions Centre where he specialized in Object Oriented technologies, workstations and end user interfaces.



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