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Last Updated: 27th November, 1994


  No sound from PAS-16 Plus sound adapter following Selective Install
  and alterations to CONFIG.SYS per Warp User's Guide Chapter 19.


  Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum 16 Plus adapter
Media Vision Pro Audio 16 Basic adapter
(possibly other PAS-16 family adapters)


  Bad MVPRODD.SYS driver in Warp GA.


  Obtain a new driver from the Media Vision BBS (510-770-0527).  The
  driver is in OS2.EXE, which is a self-extracting archive (194972

For comparison purposes, here are the drivers:

   MVPRODD.SYS (BBS)    9-21-93   3:09p     59480
   MVPRODD.SYS (Warp)  10-08-94   4:02a     51246


  The MVNOTES.DOC file from OS2.EXE also recommends making a change
  to the MMPM2.INI PARMSTRING value.

If you are experiencing white noise (hiss) prior to OS/2 Warp system sounds, try adding a /T:1 parameter to your MVPRODD.SYS entry in CONFIG.SYS.

Also, be aware that installing the OS/2 PAS-16 drives via Selective Install does not appear to update the Win-OS/2 drivers. To get PAS-16 sounds with Win-OS/2, You'll need to start up a Win-OS/2 session, open the Control Panel (in Main), and do a Drivers / Add for the "Unlisted" drivers in \OS2\DRIVERS\MVPRODD.

Media Vision is now shipping PAS-16 adapters with a new, improved chipset (MV-508-B) which replaces the older MV-508-A chipset. The drivers shipped with Warp do not support the new chipset. It is not yet clear whether the OS/2 driver from the Media Vision BBS supports this chipset properly.

Frank McKenney