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The purpose of this system is to provide system developers an easy to use database facility with powerful query capabilities. ODB (ObjectDataBase) consists of a graphical maintenance interface where databases may be defined and updated and a database engine. The database engine is accessed by applicaions through a simple and consistent application programming interface, API. ODB is a light-weight single- user main-memory object-oriented database.

  • ODB supports, subtyping, inheritance, complex objects and all objects have a unique identity hence ODB is object-oriented.
  • It always keeps the data in main memory, thus it is primarily intended for applications with moderately sized data requirements. It uses secondary storage only for storing the database between sessions.
  • It is light-weight because some of the traditional database facilities such as locking and logging does not exist in ODB. The reason is that it is intended to be used as a fast and easy to use storage and search module in any application where traditionally the application developer programmed the data storage, e.g. as sequential file scans etc.
  • It differs from other C++ based object-oriented databases in that it is dynamic in nature. Hence your application is linked and compiled once and the database schema is created or changed dynamically without any recompilation of the application.

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  • The Binaries are Public Domain authorized by its author.
  • The source code of the OS/2 version was not available anymore.
  • The source code of the Windows port is available under the BSD 3 Clauses license.
  • Author: Staffan Flodin