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OPCONSOL is an OS/2 program that looks and acts like an Operator's Console one would find on an MVS Mainframe Operating System. A number of the commands are similar and the display is quite close to the real thing.

While OPCONSOL is running it will display OS/2 activity. The activity it currently supports reporting on is:

  • When jobs (OS/2 Processes and Sessions) start and stop. When a job stops, its CPU time will be displayed. The first time value will be what is known as Task time. This is the time that the process received CPU service and was executing in Task or User code (normally code that executes in Ring 3). The second number is the amount of CPU time received while the process was in Supervisor state; normally Ring 0 and Ring 2.
  • When the Thread Count of a process changes either up or down. The current thread count is also displayed.
  • When the foreground process changes.
  • When a process opens or closes a DLL library.
  • When a process opens or closes a 16 Bit Semaphore.

  • opconsol.zip