OS/2 2.X Exploitive Shipping Applications

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By Category

Accounting/Personal Finance

Company Product Sales Phone
ABC Technologies Easy ABC Plus 503-626-4895
BT&T Consumer Technology, Inc. TAXDOLLARS 1993 714-953-8299
C-PAK Corporation C-PAK's Accounts Payable System 706-883-7664
C-Pak's Accounts Receivable System
C-Pak's Financial Application
C-Pak's General Ledger System
Payroll System
Sales Analysis System
Capstone Computing Accounts Payable 206-542-5540
Accounts Receivable
Fixed Assets
General Ledger
Inventory Control
Job Cost
Order Entry
Complex Systems Bank Trade 212-766-4324
Computer Associates International CA-Simply Accounting 800-225-5224
D&R Associates Bingo Bookkeeper 313-996-0125
DataModes, Inc. TM/4 Accounts Payable 405-947-3887
TM/4 Accounts Receivable
TM/4 Automotive Service
TM/4 Bill of Materials
TM/4 Configurator
TM/4 Fixed Assets
TM/4 General Accounting
TM/4 General Ledger
TM/4 Item Cost
TM/4 Parts Planning
TM/4 Payroll
TM/4 Physical Inventory
TM/4 Qualified Vendor
TM/4 Serialized Inventory
TM/4 Teledex
TM/4 Time Billing
Emphasys Accounts Payable 612-941-9337
Accounts Receivable
General Ledger
Executive Computer Systems ECS Accounts Payable 908-341-1370
ECS Accounts Receivable
ECS General Ledger
ECS Inventory Control
ECS Payroll
ECS Purchase Order
ECS Sales Order Entry
Flexiware Corp. FlexiAssets 818-548-3409
FlexiOrder Processing
Gateway Technical Services, Inc. Gem Restaurateur/Accounts Payable 410-546-8100
Gem Restaurateur/Food Costing
Gem Restaurateur/General Ledger
Gem Restaurateur/Guest Checking, Sales
Gem Restaurateur/Intercompany Billing
Gem Restaurateur/Inventory Control
Gem Restaurateur/Menu Analysis
Gem Restaurateur/Menu Item Explosion
Gem Restaurateur/Stores Receipts
Gem Restaurateur/Tipped Payroll
RRMS Accounts Payable
RRMS Assessment Billing/AR
RRMS General Ledger
RRMS Mailing List Management
RRMS Maintenance Management
RRMS Reservations and Owner Accounting
RRMS Tenant/Owner Folio System
The Acts Contractor
Town Management/Accounts Payable
Town Management/General Ledger
Town Management/Payroll
Town Management/Utility Billing
Town Management/Voter Registration
IBM Australia/New Zealand LOAN Repayment Calculator 03-626-6605
Intellisoft, Inc. AS/32 Accounts Pay. 817-467-7243
AS/32 Accounts Rec.
AS/32 Data Manager
AS/32 Fund Accounting
AS/32 GL25
AS/32 GL50
AS/32 General Ledger
AS/32 Inventory Man.
AS/32 Payroll
AS/32 Point Of Sale
AS/32 System Manager
Manatron Incorporated Cash Information Management System 616-375-5300
Fund Accounting System
Gavel Court Accounting
Utility Billing System
Marizack Sysinfo 708-747-8337
Megos AG Archisoft +41 5641 3417
Moneysoft - Accounts Receivable/Billabl
Moneysoft - Addresses
Moneysoft - General Ledger
Moneysoft - Investment Calculation/Ctrl
Moneysoft - Project Accounting
Moneysoft - Salary
Micro Arizala FundBalance Accounts Payable 800-457-FUND
FundBalance Accounts Receivable
FundBalance Cash Receipting
FundBalance Fixed Assets
FundBalance Fixed Assets Survey & Audit
FundBalance General Ledger/Budgeting
FundBalance Payroll
FundBalance Purchase Order
FundBalance Utility Billing
FundBalance Voter Registration
Millennium Software Inc. Dominion CS Accounting A.P. 817-925-5009
Dominion CS Accounting A.R.
Dominion CS Accounting G.L.
Dominion CS Accounting Payroll
Dominion CS Accounting Sales Invoicing
OHB Software Illinois TaxMaster PM 708-590-1095
PMPlus, Inc. PMStock 919-387-8885
SAE Group Inc. ARTHUR Accounts Payable 407-997-2001
ARTHUR Accounts Receivable
ARTHUR General Ledger
SATCON Realtime Device Control (RDC)
SATCON Regional Mapping System (RMS)
SATCON Starfleet Network Interface (SNI)
System Development Group XLN Accounting & Manufacturing XLN-SYST 717-560-5700
XLN-BUYS Purchasing
XLN-ENGR Bills of Materials
XLN-ITEM Inventory
XLN-LABR Personnel Management
XLN-LEDG General Ledger
XLN-PLAN Master Planning
XLN-REPS Query Report
XLN-SERV Asset Maintenance
XLN-WORK Production
Systems Union Incorporated Client Server Financial Software Overview 914-948-7770
SunAccount Corporate Allocations Overview
SunAccount Fixed Asset Register Overview
SunAccount Multi-Currency Overview
SunBusiness Inventory Control Overview
SunBusiness Purchase Invoice Register O
SunBusiness Purchase Order Processing O
SunBusiness Sales Invoicing Overview
SunBusiness Sales Order Processing Over
SunQuery Complete Transaction Report Wr
SunSystems Ledger Accounting
Taylor Made Systems PM Interest 205-344-0672
The Logical Choice ATOMS/Core Accounting Package 800-851-8401
ATOMS/Fixed Assets/Inventory
ATOMS/Human Resources
ATOMS/Support Documents
ATOMS/System File Maintenance

Business Specific

Company Product Sales Phone
9000 Limited Position Master for OS/2 2.0 +44 784 434377
AAND Tech, Inc. Eltrax 612-560-7133
AEA Boffin International Inc. Bufflo 214-377-9771
ARK Systems Inc. Marina Communications Manager 206-487-3105
Total Harbor Management
AVS Services (was Active Software) Star Service Management System 408-257-6100
AccessWare AccessPoint 713-682-8649
Accumedic Computer Systems Inc. AccuImage 516-466-6800
AccuMed for OS/2
AccuScheduler for OS/2
Airline Software International Load Control Expert 310-301-4038
Alphasoft Marketing International TARABS 510-831-1544
American Technical Services Inc. ATS/COMP 813-789-0015
Applied Research Consultants PTX for OS/2 410-381-5235
Applied Robotic Technologies, Inc. ARCS 510-687-6268
ARCS-APF Control System
Aquila Systems Inc. PCB Designer 203-599-5974
PM Weather
Argo Data Research Corp. BankPro 214-386-4949
Arity Corporation Account View 508-371-1243
Arkansas Systems, Inc. Financial Transaction Authorization Sys 501-227-8471
Arundel Systems Arundel Control System 813-887-5499
Arundel Distribution Barcoding & Hand-H
Arundel Distribution EDI/Order Entry Co
Arundel Distribution System Order Entry
Automated Systems Management, Inc. ACH Processing 913-341-9330
ATM Processing
Audio Response
Collection Processing
Contingency Plan
Credit Union System
Debit & Credit Processing
Financial Management Processing
General Ledger
INformation Processing
Loan Tracking & Document Preparation
Personal Computer Processing
Share Certificates
Share Drafts
BV Technologies BVC Process Monitoring & Control Package 216-267-1881
Baron Software Services MANAGE-IT 516-797-4366
Student Advisement System
Berkley Systems Truck Shipment Scheduling 318-775-2803
Blackwell Consulting Services Inc. Financial Tools & Utilities 312-553-0730
Blasdel and Company TransExport 202-232-4087
Bradford Information Systems Interactive Distrib. Planning Sys (IDPS) 512-459-8999
Brett Baudin PMMATH22.LZH 403-492-7048
C-PAK Corporation Admissions 706-883-7664
C-Pak's Care Plan
C-Pak's Long-Term Healthcare System
C-Pak's Minimum Data Set System
C-Pak's Resident Trust Fund
Medicaid Billing System
Human Resources Software
C-Pak's Job Cost System
C-Pak's Manufacturing System
Inventory Control System
Invoicing System
Order Entry System
Purchase Order System
Utility Billing System
CACI Products Company COMNET II.5 619-455-6300 x1
CAP DEBIS AMW (Advanced Maintenance Workbench) +49 89 14326690
CIM Vision Factory Manager/2 310-512-1047
Network Manager/2
Shipping Manager/2
Statistical Quality Manager/2
Time Manager/2
Tool Crib Manager/2
Warehouse Manager/2
Cambar Software Warehouse Management System 803-747-4539
Campbell Scientific Inc. Real Time Monitoring Software (RTMS) 801-753-2342
Cansec Systems Ltd. PassMaster-Access Contol/SmartLock 905-897-1762
Caterpillar Inc. Service Information System (SIS) 309-675-2016
CompuMed OBEasy 1.0 919-387-8885
Computel Computer Systems Inn-Control 407-994-5577
Computer Interface Corp. CICUTILS 508-651-8111
Check Plus
Contact Connection
DBM - Database Manager
Home Panacea
MI/Accounts Payable
MI/Disk Inventory
MI/Forms Manager
MI/Forms Manager/W2s
MI/Medical Billing
MI/Medical Diagnoses
MI/Purchase Orders
NMP - Network Management Program
Office Panacea
Practice Panacea
Computer Utilities of the Ozarks Audio Response Unit Interface 501-741-1616
Remote Order Processor
Computers Mean Business Inc. WINDOWMAKER 416-297-8554
Comshare Inc. Commander Builder 313-994-4800
Commander EIS
Concept-Profimatics Canada, Inc. Profimatics Integrated Refinery Oper. 416-940-9131
Concorde Technologies Inc. StaffCord 800-467-7400
Construction Software Inc. XTIMATOR 908-776-6472
DST Systems Inc. PowerStore/2 816-435-8600
Data Concepts Inc. CIM plus OS/2 PDS-SE 615-329-3806
Data House Inc. PC Assist for Praxis 808-942-8108
Client Management
Contract Management
Labor Management
Material Management
Service Management System
DataModes, Inc. TM/4 Wholesale Distribution 405-947-3887
TM/4 Made-To-Order Manufacturing
TM/4 Process Manufacturing
TM/4 Electronic Component Assembly
TM/4 Equipment Sales and Service
TM/4 Invoice Processing
TM/4 Job Costing
TM/4 Maintenance Contract Management
TM/4 Point of Sale
TM/4 Production and Inventory Control
TM/4 Purchasing and Receiving
TM/4 Sales Analysis
TM/4 Sales Order Processing
TM/4 Service Dispatch
TM/4 Shop Floor Control
TM/4 Telemarketing
Datafix Althea 010-3776221
Dave Gomberg's JCF Systems California Judicial Council Forms 415-731-7793
Decision Systems Support Inc. DSM Optimize 714-493-3639
Decision-Science Applications Inc. QUIC 703-243-2500
Doble Engineering Company Doble Test Assistant Office System 617-926-4900
E & D Associates Inc. Qwikscan/Print 215-935-2753
EPD Open Systems Open Access 203-298-7798
Eagle Signal Controls Monarc Traffic Control System 512-837-8394
Ecotran Systems, Inc. MapNet Distribution 216-991-9000
MapNet - Voter Analysis System
MapNet Plus Bus Routing
MapNet School Boundary Planning
Edicon Systems Division of Kodak ENVOY 6000 716-292-4653
Envoy 4000
Envoy 5000
Envoy 7000
Electronic Label Technology Label Master
Electronic Systems USA Protege 502-495-6700
Unity Version 4.0
Emark Corp. TMS3000 for the Chemical Industry 619-457-1190
TMS3000 for the Petroleum Industry
Exceller Software Corp. XL - Keyboard Mapper 607-257-5634
FastTECH Grapheq for OS/2 408-438-7327
Financial Information Mgmt. Inc. FIMI Quote Server 612-941-6628
OS/2 Prophet Trading Workstation
First Telecom Premier Banking 901-523-4456
Parent Teacher eXchange (PTX)
Lesson Line
Time and Temperature
Fisher-Rosemount OS/2 Computer Highway Interface Package 512-834-7691
FlexSales Systems, Inc. FlexFood Version 2.0
Frenster Associates Matrix Cognition 415-369-6897
Gateway Systems Corporation SYNERGIST SALES PORTFOLIO 517-337-8960
HILEVEL Technology, Inc. ETS Series 714-573-1888
HLP, Inc. Chameleon - Foster Care 602-257-4370
Chameleon - Humane Society
Chameleon - Veterinarian
Haestad Methods Inc. HEC-1 203-755-1666
Hamilton & Sullivan, Ltd. Corporate Cash Management 314-434-6422
Harris Associates Inc. Money Market Trading & Inventory 212-785-1050
Heuristics Inc. ONSPEC 4000/1000 916-369-6606x14
Workplace ES
IBM Corporation Commumications System/2 Release 3.0 1-800-IBM-CALL
Entry Communications System/2 Release 3
IBM SAA AD/Cycle TranslationManager/2
IBM SAA Consumer Transaction Definition
Tools/2 Release 2.0
IBM Retail Workbench/2
IDL Inc. Point of Purchase System 412-798-2500
IRMWare Services Employee Development Planning & Trackin 602-730-1510
ITP (Information Tech & Proj) Ltd. IVS/1 +41 58 21 40 48
Ilex Systems 9000 Energy Management System 408-945-0294
Image Sciences, Inc. DocuMerge 1.0 214-891-6532
ImageStat Corporation ImageCare 310-392-1100
Infinity Systems Consulting, Inc. P&C Administrator (Property Insur. Sys) 301-656-5061
Intec Controls Corp. Continuous Strategy Server 508-660-1221
DDE Client Link
Data Manager Server
Operator Interface Client
Paragon TNT Block Development Kit
Paragon TNT Client Development Kit
Paragon TNT PIO Driver Development Kit
Process I/O Comms Server
Integrated Performance Decisions LAPS V3.0 203-599-3910 x2
Integrated Systems Technologies PAGE/2 214-596-5193
Intellution Inc. DMACS 617-769-1990
InterMed Healthcare Systems Inc. Carrier InterAct 800-231-3204
Intermec Corporation DCM/2 (Data Collection Manager) 206-348-2600 x2
International Expert Systems, Inc. Personal Trade II 713-952-5600
Internet Systems Corporation InterAcs 312-686-7195
Jet Spectrum & Systems AG JS-PRINT +41 56 331179
John Wubbel Consultancy Inc. The Medicine Chest 407-381-0892
KG Computer Services Universal TOLL COLLECTION SYSTEM 914-298-0811
Kent Navigation Systems Integrated Navigation Systems 800-835-5484
Seismic Data Processing - Positioning
Seismic Quality Control
Keytron Management Science LOPTIS Logistics Optimization System 703-558-8701
MPSIII Management Programming System
Klaus J. Rusch EmTex +43 1 211456859
Kurzweil Applied Intelligence, Inc. Voice EM 4.2 617-893-5151
Voice PATH 4.2
Voice RAD 4.2
Law Management Systems Lawman SST 818-351-8921
Li-Cor, Inc. BaseImagIR 402-467-3576
Life Care Development Corp. PRACTIONER For OS/2 914-762-8950
REVIEW For Server
Lodging Systems Interactive Interfaces 702-688-4440
Logistic Solutions GridBid 617-890-3900
M & I Data Services, Inc. TrustDesk 800-236-3282
MENSYS The COSMOS for OS/2 +31 23 470837
METRSCOPE DATACAP/CP for OS/2 2.0 803-458-3233
MI Systems MCIE II 805-688-2488
MTS Systems Corporation Teststar V2.0 612-937-4332
Testware SX V2.0
Magellan Group International, Ltd. SPLICE 310-551-5223
Majaro InfoSystems, Inc ClinAccess 408-562-1890
Manatron Incorporated Child Support & Enforcement System 616-375-5300
Gavel Case Management
Gavel Probation Tracking
Gavel Prosecutor's Management System
Indexing, Recording, & Retrieval System
Jury Management
Permit Tracking System
Voter Registration
Manufacturing Systems Assoc. Inc. Rollbar 216-646-2400
Manugistics,Inc. Demand Planning 301-984-5214
Distribution Planning
Manufacturing Planning
Medgate, Inc. Medgate OHS&E Software 416-863-6800
Merchandise Management Systems Inc. Merchandise Planning System 317-684-3555
Store Planning and Allocation System
Micro Arizala Sexton Cemetery Management 800-457-FUND
Micro Resources Inc CRISP 4.0 415-461-8677
Microtransfer Ltd OS201 - Using OS/2 2.0 Apps +44 869 350340
Mortgage Flex Systems, Inc. Advanced Secondary Marketing System 800-326-3539
Point of Sale
Residential Lending System
Multima Corp. Netkeeper Purchase Order Module 401-885-1916
Nanometrics Nanometrics Machine Control 408-746-1600 x1
National Business Consultants Perfect Circle Distribution System for 310-395-5127
Perfect Circle Export Management System
Perfect Circle Furniture System for OS/2
Perfect Circle Perishables Mgmt. System
Perfect Circle Retail Management System
Perfect Circle Electronics Distribution
Perfect Circle Inventory Replenishment
Perfect Circle Manufacturing System for
Perfect Circle Materials Supplier
Perfect Circle Public Warehouse Management
Perfect Circle Shop Foreman for OS/2
Popular Accountant - Account Receivable
Popular Accountant - Accounts Payable
Popular Accountant - General Ledger
North Umpqua Technical Services Inc ENERGY MONITORING SYSTEM 503-673-7319
ODIN Systems Incorporated VE
OHB Software BarMaster PM 708-590-1095
Orr Safety Corporation Orr StackDas 502-244-4500
Osborn Healthcare Communications ATS - Automated Testing System 615-292-8234
On Demand Video Distribution System
PDC - Prolog Development Center STAFF 404-873-1366
PRISM Group, Inc. Travel Manager's Workstation 505-897-7800
PSS Systems Design, Ltd. Accounts Payable 405-528-8329
Accounts Receivable
Basic Service Billing System
Check Reconciliation
Full Business Management System
General Ledger
Inventory Management
Job Costing
Maintenance Contracting
Purchase Order & Receiving
Retail Customer Processing
Sales History
Serialized Item Maintenance
Service Customer Processing
Vendor RMA's
Pacific Simulation FactNet 208-882-0322
Penteck Lawtimation 504-452-0629
Personalized Software Inc. Personalized Amortization 813-343-3488
Phoenix Control Systems Inc. PCSI 2000 602-582-4282
Pritsker Corp. FACTOR Base System 317-471-6531
Factor/AIM 5.3
ProMicro Ltd ASA +44 71 328 8183
Tank Inventory Managment System (TIMS)
Process Microsystems Inc. Insight Software System 2/PM 319-362-9359
Profidex Corp. Scamp 201-420-7700
Prototex Seabra's Info Management 201-485-6708
QGR Enterprises The Administrator 813-397-9366
Quantitative Medicine, Inc. Quant Sentinel 800-851-6525
Quantum Development Corporation Quantum Leap 302-798-0899
Quay Financial Software (USA) Inc Invision 203-790-3300
RAV Communications, Inc. CHIPS Payment 201-653-5566
RAVNET Payment Processing System
RW3 Information Technologies RW3 Retail Tracking Systems 1-800-444-5RW3
Radio Computing Services Selectron 914-723-6959
Rain Master Evolution Central Control 805-527-4498
Raleigh Systems Caliber 32 216-292-7225
Roadnet Technologies Inc. ROADNET TERRITORY PLANNER 410-560-4117
Roadnet 5000
S & W Communications BIB 432225053926
SAA Consultants Ltd ETS - Electronic Trading System +44 752 606000
SABRE Travel Information Network SABRE TravelBase (tm) 817-963-3466
SACDA Inc. MASSBALL 2.0 519-679-6570
SAS Institute, Inc SAS/ETS 919-677-8000
SID Inc. Yard Manager 215-521-5300
SISCO MMS-EASE 313-254-0020
OSI/MMS Provider for OS/2
SISCO OSI Stack for OS/2
SKAMP Computer Services, Inc. SKAMPtrack II 612-941-0696
SLM-AMINCO 8100 Spectrofluorometer v1.0 217-384-7730
Seabrook Marketing, Inc. PROS Flight Scheduling System 713-523-5151
PROS Group Revenue Management System
PROS Passenger Revenue Optimization
Sealund & Associates Corp. ADA Compliance Training Solution 813-539-1200
Securities Software & Consulting, Inc Camra 800-234-0556
Snow Storm Software Conversion Assistant 403-547-0669
Numerical Assistant
Southern Computer Systems Inc. DPL (Document Processing Language) 205-251-2985
Key Entry III
Space Industries Inc. Command Script Editor 713-538-6000
Command Uploader
Live Telemetry Feed Pipe Server
Mission Planning and Analysis Utilities
Telemetry Parser
Telemetry Receiver
Spears and Associates Inc. AIRRS 214-713-9151
Spring Software Prop Manager 209-299-3144
Bounce Buster
Star Systems Software Easy Router 714-552-0654
Stewart-Todd Associates Inc. Industrial Hygiene Subsystem 215-962-0166
Material Inventory Subsystem
Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS)
Medical Subsystem (includes Audio)
Occupational Illness & Injury Subsystem
Safety Training Subsystem
Sunhealth (Foundation Systems)
Sun Valley Systems Schoolware Business Finance System 505-299-3000
Schoolware Student Administration Syste
Sunset Software Technology AXA Professional Linear Program 818-441-1565
Mixed Integer Programming System
Supermation, Inc. Super Retailer 93 301-208-0501
Synapse, Inc. CLASSYS Product Configurator 303-233-7707
Pipeline Scheduling System
SynchroStat Systems Corp. Streamer/1 Client/Server 303-440-4433
Syntelligence Systems Inc. Lending Advisor for OS/2 219-236-8634
System Integrators Inc. MTX
Systems & Software SysEn 908-946-0005
Systems Consulting Services, Inc. BIAS 410-730-4040
Systems Software Resource Restaurant Express 609-895-1309
TIPS, Inc. TIPS Fixed Income Calcualations Library 908-522-8950
TRIS-A D.O.O. AIDA/SFC Shop Floor Control System +38 61 579 790
Tactics International Limited TACTICIAN 508-475-4475
TanData Progistics Order Tracking 918-748-9021
Progistics Export Shipping
Progistics Parcel Management System
Progistics Shipment Planning
Progistics Pack Verification Station
Tasco Inc. PlantMaster 415-570-7557
Technologies Marketing Int'l (TMI) X-SOLID MODELER 407-998-7500
Teknivent Corp. Vector/Two 314-994-0500
Tele-Denken ONEVKT 713-852-5366
TOPDOC Modicon
Virtual O.N.E.
Tesseract Group HRMS-Intuition 415-543-9320
The Continuum Co, Inc. (formerly PAXUS IS/2 - Insurance System 512-345-5700
The Leverage Group Vision2000 800-892-3334
Thermo Separation Products, Inc. PC 1000 510-456-4552
Time Link Corp. Job Cost 914-834-9301
Labor Distribution
Time And Attendance
Timecorp Systems, Inc. Timecorp Minute Man 404-552-1167
Total Trac Total Trac System (TTS) 800-642-8672
Touchstone Software International INTOUCH 714-852-8100
Train Track Track Driver Professional 714-650-9100
TruData, Inc. Debit Card for Universities 407-241-5029
PM Chron
Total Retail Solution
Twenty-First Century Computer Systems Twenty-First Century Camp System 805-964-6677
Twenty-First Century Inn System
Twenty-First Century Loan System
Inn System
UBC Economics Shazam 604-822-5062
UES, Inc. KI Shell 614-792-9993
US Air Weather Radar 412-747-3381
Unicomp Corp. of America Dental Data System (DDS) 305-755-1710
Doctor's Office Computer System (DOCS)
Uniquest Manager's Access Terminal 904-363-0103
Western Thunder ONPanel 916-369-6606
William Weber PM Horoscope


Company Product Sales Phone
Avance Logic Inc. Presentation Manager 510-226-9555
BF CAD SRL B&Graph/PM +39 49 8975344
CADAM, Inc. Micro CADAM 800-423-2351
CadWare Pj2 CAD System v 3.1 +39 49 8932551
Designware Inc. CNC Module 614-791-8677
LaZer Pack
Ithaca Software HOOPS AIR 510-523-5900 x2
HOOPS Graphics System
Porak Computing Services Inc. Architectural Construction System 719-593-1187
Bill of Materials Reporting System
Office Furniture System
SACDA Inc. CADSIM 519-679-6570
Star Systems Software farBASE, CAD 714-552-0654


Company Product Sales Phone
AGE Logic Inc. Xoftware/32 for OS/2 619-455-8600
AOSI OSESLSTR.INF 415-586-3454
Aerotech Systems, Inc. MultiRes/ALC 408-432-0890
Artec Systems Inc. AACS for ARTIC and OS/2 407-997-9007
AACS for Serial Port and OS/2
Developer's Kit for AB 1784 KT/KT2 Adap
Generalized Asynch LDIP/CPP
LDIT for ModConnect
Attachmate Corporation EXTRA! for OS/2 206-644-4010
Automated Programming Technologies, Inc APTNet LAN Interface 313-540-9877
Background File Transfer Background File Transfer
Banyan Systems, Inc Vines Requester for OS/2 508-898-1000
Bare Bones Software Head4 318-424-6673
Binary Software Development, Inc. UniBeam 404-977-7102
Brite Voice Systems Group Ltd VM1000 & VM2000 Voice Messaging Systems +44 61 976 4550
Brooktrout Technology Inc. Brooktrout API 617-449-4100
C Com Inc. MF/2 Platform 219-258-1000
Computer Talk Technology, Inc. Intelligent Call Exchange 905-882-5000
Confer Tech International Sonata 303-633-3220
Configurex Inc. Enterprise Action 415-225-9555
Creative Systems Programming Corp. Golden CommPass 2.1 609-234-1500
DKMicro TCCTOK.NIF 812-823-7648
DataCode Inc. WorldWatch for RT-Netfeed 516-737-4200
DataMirage Software LiveWire Communications 714-856-2071
Datagraf Inc. Communications Gateways 512-346-6866
Digital Communications Association Inc Irma Workstation for OS/2 2.0 800-348-3221
PEPGATE/TCP FOR OS/2 513-745-0500
Digital Visions Corporation Network Interchange Server 407-362-0852
Project Access BBS
FasTracFax Server
Eicon Technology Access for OS/2 3270 800-80-EICON
Access for OS/2 5250
Faxpro FAXPRO-4-OS/2 619-792-2300
Fax Pro-4-Email Interface
Fax Pro-4-Network
Fax Pro-4-Update
Fax Pro/Extended
Fax Pro/Lite
Multimedia FAX-4-OS/2
General Systems Europe ULTI/Route +32 56 713474
Harvest Software Application Builder Lite for 3270 408-245-2600
Application Builder Lite for AS400
Application Builder for 3270
Application Builder for AS400
Harvest Master
Harvest Operator
Operator 100 for 3270
Operator 100 for AS400
Operator 250 for 3270
Operator 250 for AS400
IBM Corporation DDCS/2 1-800-IBM-CALL
Distributed Application/2
IBM CICS for OS/2 V 2.0
IBM NetView DM/2 Extended
IBM Netview Distribution Manager/2 Vers
IBM TCP/IP 2.0 Applications Kit
IBM TCP/IP 2.0 Network File System Kit
IBM TCP/IP 2.0 Programmer's Toolkit
IBM TCP/IP 2.0 X Window System Server Kit
LAN Enabler
LAN Home Office Program
IBM FaxRouter/2
A2DS MultiProtocol Terminal Emulator
IBM Communications Manager/2 V1.1
IDK Computer Systems, Inc. Sunrise BBS 315-475-5598
IS2 - International Software Solutions PolyPM/2 +33 76 52 4222
Information Electronics PostalUnion 607-868-3331
Information Engineering PCI_Trak 3.2 617-275-3870
WireBase/2 2.0
PC/Integrator 2.1
Ingenieurburo Bergweiler S5COM +49 2408 5035
InterVoice RobotOperator System 214-497-8905
Interactive Solutions, Inc. PC-CICS 800-228-6008
JAS Concepts Inc. JAS Server/2 2.2 215-565-1532
JSB Computer Systems Limited MultiView Desktop +44 260 296200
John Clark Telephone Dialer 1.0b OS2USER/LIB4
Keller Group Inc. PMFax 612-429-7273
Knight Writer Software Company Mail Reader
Knowledgenet Inc. Net/Wrk OS/2 708-705-0400
Legent Corporation Communications Manager for OS/2 703-708-3000
Distribulink for OS/2
Enterprise Storage Manager 404-705-2075
MLink for OS/2 703-708-3000
XCOM for OS/2
Link Development Corporation Spider 414-774-2010
Logistic Solutions GridBuy 617-890-3900 x2
Malibu Software Group Inc. VORAMS Fax-to-Text 310-456-8940 x1
VORAMS Fax-to-Voice
Mastermind Technologies MasterVox Developer's Kit 703-237-2766
Fax-retrieval Extension Kit
Memsoft Memsoft Teleaction +33 1 4356 8171
MicroGate Corporation BSCAPI 512-345-7791
Microformatic Fax:PM 203-644-1708
Mistik Systems UnTieCom 1.04.1 313-741-1844
Momentum Software Corp. XIPC 800-767-1462
Multi-Net Communications PMCOMM 2.11 503-883-8099
NTEX Data Communications NTEX CommServer +31 10 2121500
NTEX CommServer Host
NTEX CommServer Mail
Nettech Systems Inc. Nettech RFgate 608-896-2578
OPN Systems International, Inc. OPN Access/DAL 612-831-9232
Oberon Software TE/2 1.3 507-388-7001
Commpak/2 Programmer's Toolkit
Open Systems Solutions, Inc. OSS ASN.1 Tools 609-987-9073
PH Technologies Soft/3270 EL 800-292-2970
Soft/3270 Plus 408-293-1890
Parallel PCs Synectics 215-670-1710
PeerLogic PIPES Platform 415-626-4545
Prototex XPfax 201-485-6708
QIIQ Ltd ComSys PLUS +44 81 339 0739
Quadron Service Corp. qCF 805-966-6424
ROLM CallBridge for CSTA 800-CALL-IBM
CallBridge for IBM Switchserver/2
Ridax Programutveckling PM2You Remote Acces Facility +46 31 196074
Right Ware LinkRight 1.0 301-294-2215
RightFAX RightFAX 3.0 602-327-1357
RightFax Rightfax 3.5 602-327-1357
SAS Institute, Inc SAS/CONNECT 919-677-8000
Serengeti Systems Incorporated BSCLIB 512-345-2211
Service Systems International OS/2 Radio Gateway 913-661-0190
Simpact Associates Inc. REMARK! FOR NOTES 619-565-1865
SofNet FaxWorks OS/2 404-984-8088
Softronics Softerm + 800-225-8590
Softerm Custom for PM Terminal
Softerm Groupware 719-593-9540
Softerm Modular 800-225-8590
Software AG Entire Connection 703-391-6720
Software Corporation of America TalkThru for OS/2 (203)359-2773
TalkThru/RF 3270 Srv
Software Systems of Phoenix Tap Switcher 602-957-6319
Stockalert Stockalert Service 201-854-0499
Sybase, Inc Open Server 510-596-3500
Net Gateway
TanData Progistics Host Systems Communicator 918-748-9021
Teledata Solutions Call Capture 708-665-5640
Call Link
Drop Call Reports
Telepax USA Inc. Voice Link Communications 415-864-0255
Terminal Applications Group, Inc. Star Alpha for OS/2 914-422-0800
The Sharper System The Desktop Integrator 404-980-1603
The Software Lifeline 3270-CMXT 407-994-4466
Any-to-Any Bridge
Remote-OS for OS/2
The Wollongong Group PathWay Access for OS/2 415-962-7100
Token Technology Remote Vision OS/2 Remote 415-965-8607
Remote Vision Server
RemoteVision Multi-Port Server
USA Software Inc. USAFEP 404-951-2401
Wall Data, Inc. Rumba for OS/2 - Mainframe 206-883-4777
Rumba/400 for OS/2
Wayfinder, Inc. Telemap 914-356-7200


Company Product Sales Phone
APIS Software herCules 49 69 303906
Access, A Communications Company DB2 for OS/2 Support 206-285-4994
Borland International, Inc. ObjectVision 800-431-0877
Brownstone Solutions Inc. Data Dictionary/Solution 212-370-7160 x2
Compass Technology Inc. Datakey 813-371-8000
Data Access Corporation Dataflex 3.0 305-238-0012
Dataflight Software Concordance Information Retrieval System 800-421-8398
Desktop Ai X2C "The XBASE to C Compiler" 203-255-3400
Digital Visions Corporation Project Database and Publisher 407-362-0852
Donna Campanella PC-HASH Version 2.0 215-278-0863
IBM Corporation IBM Database 2 OS/2 V1 1-800-IBM-CALL
ICRA Inc. AIS (Intelligent Retrieval System) 703-552-0253
INDEC Systems Inc. microVoxel (volume rendering package) 408-479-8285
Information Builders, Inc. PM Focus v1.5 (212)736-4433
Information Management Consultants PART$ 402-592-4544
PURSUIT Account Management System
Infotel Corporation Inforecovery 813-264-2090
Ingres/ASK Group ASK INGRES/Intelligent Database 510-769-1400
ASK INGRES/Intelligent Database Object
ASK Query and Reporting Tools
Integrated Info-Net Technology Businesslink/Bid Evaluation 714-753-7868
Businesslink/Distributor Pricing Compar
Businesslink/Product & Service Tracking
Businesslink/Proposal Analysis
Businesslink/Proposal Preparation
Businesslink/Purchase Order issuing
Businesslink/Request for Quotation
Businesslink/Vendor Prices Determination
Businesslink/Vendor Selection for Award
Kenan Technologies ACUMATE 617-225-2224
M. Bryce & Associates Inc. PRIDE INFORMATION FACTORY 813-786-4567
Mainline Information Systems Inc. Imaging & Information Database 904-224-8877
Association Executive for OS/2
Metaphor Computer Systems Data Interp. System 415-961-3600
Microrim Rbase v4.5 for OS/2 800-248-2001
Millenium Technologies, Inc SQL Processor/2 708-739-2950
N Systems DBAPort For OS/2 206-450-0815
DBAPrep For OS/2
DBATool For OS/2
National Weather Service Meteorlogical Database 801-524-5131
Neon Systems, Inc. Shadow Gateway for DB2 - OS/2 713-789-6334
Objects++ Software Corporation SQL Objects++ Database Class Library 404-382-6374
Ontos O/SQL (Ontos Object SQL) 617-272-7110
Ontos-Object Oriented Database
Open Books, Inc OpenBooks 617-547-9600
Oracle Corporation Oracle 7 RDBMS for OS/2 415-506-7000
Oracle 7 Server for OS/2
Platinum Technology Inc. Platinum DB Analyzer 708-620-5000x11
Platinum Plan Analyzer
Poet Software POET 408-748-3403
Project Management, Inc. Lexico/2 301-469-9001
Raima Corporation Raima Velocis 206-557-5263
Relational Data Services, Inc VISTA Perf Workbench 717-763-9510
Roos Instruments Large Database Viewer/analysis 408-748-8589
SAS Institute, Inc SAS/ACCESS for DBM 919-677-8000
Software AG ADABASE Server 1.2.5 703-391-6720
Software Engineering Techniques,Inc BSSC Form+ BD Registration 609-259-3097
Text Systems International, Inc. SySQL for OS/2 203-637-4549
Trifox, Inc. Vortex Channel 800-835-8746
VIA International VIA/DRE 703-760-9490
XDB Systems XDB Server 301-317-6800

Desktop Publishing

Company Product Sales Phone
Elixir Technologies Corporation Elixir AppBuilder for AFP 805-640-8054
Handmade Software Inc. Image Alchemy 612-452-7901
Ideas Commercial Systems, Inc. Impressario 703-818-4174
Mansfield Software Group Inc. KEDIT (text editor) 203-429-8402
Quality Software, Inc. FutureComp Page Makeup Environment 617-965-2231

Development Tools

Company Product Sales Phone
2500AD Software Inc. Assembler for Intel 800-843-8144
Assembler for Motorola Family
Assembler for PDP-11
Assembler for Z80 Family
C Compiler for Motorola Family
C Compiler for Z80 Family
Debugger/Simulator for Motorola Family
Debugger/Simulator for Z80 Family
ADM, Inc. MATE - Method and Tool Expert 617-861-7848
Abbotsbury Software Ltd. MemMon +44 305 871543
Abraxas Software PCYACC/2 5.0 800-347-5214
AccuSoft Corp. AccuSoft Image Format Library - OS/2 800-525-3577
Acucobol, Inc. Acu4GL 800-262-6585
Advanced System Architectures Ltd Bespoke Call Routing Systems +44 420 23815
Alex Wyss RXDDE - DDE Interface for REXX
RXQUE - Queue Interface for REXX
RXSEM - Semaphore Interface for REXX
RXVARP - Variable Pool Interface
Alsys, Inc. ADA Compiler
American Coders Ltd. RexxBase 919-846-2014
Amtek Engineering Ltd SQL*REXX +44 372 745597
Andersen Consulting Foundation 2.0 312-507-8835
Applied Logic Development Ltd Eiffel/S Compiler +44 81 780 1088
Eiffel/S - The Libraries
Arity Corporation Arity/Prolog 32 508-371-1243
Atlantic Simulation Inc. Chemical Plant/Refinery Training Simul. 908-544-8866
AutoSoft Inc. AutoRun 404-594-8855
Bionix AB OS/2 Systems Overview Demo Tools +46 18 250770
Bitware, Software & Services Galleria
Nikon II
Borland International, Inc. C++ 800-431-0877
Born Software Development Group GUIDE/400 612-449-4993
Borris & Roeben OPAL +49 2922 84444
Borris and Roeben Computertechnik GMBH OPALIS Bildschirmtext fur OS/2 +49 2922 84444
Brand X DAVE +31 2154 15982
Burton Systems Software TLIB Version Control 5.0 919-233-8128
Buzzwords International Inc. WINGEN DBMS Btrive 314-334-6317
WINGEN DBMS Excell files
WINGEN DBMS Text files
WINGEN Screen Designer OS/2
CNA Computer Systems Engineering ConnX 800-235-4091
Cabot Software Fortran-77 Compiler +44 272 586644
Modula-2 Complier
OS/2 Pascal
Canyon Software Corp. JCL Navigator 800-872-6290
Classic Software, Inc. Btrv++ 313-677-0732
Clear & Simple, Inc. Performance 2.1+ 203-658-1204
Compiler Resources, Inc. YACC++ 508-435-5016
Computer Associates International CA-C++ 800-225-5224
Computer Interface Corp. ToolMaster 508-651-8111
Cooper & Peters Inc. Windowbuilder/V PM 1.1 415-855-9036
Copia International AccSys for Paradox 708-682-8898
AccSys for dBASE
Corporate Inf Management GMBH Smart-Lock +49 8142 53086
Curran Software Bench +49 89 481006
Curran RCS
DangerMouse Software PMEdit 32 214-424-7205
Dash Associates Ltd XPRESS-MP +44 604 858993
Data Core Engineering DCE Calculator 612-331-9050
Dialog Software Komet/PM +49 621 126161
Digitalk, Inc. Parts Relational Database Interface (800)922-8255
Parts COBOL Wrapper
Parts CICS Wrapper
Parts Workbench V1.0
Parts Workbench V2.0
Smalltalk/V for OS/2
Diversified Software Systems, Inc. INFO/X 408-778-9914
Dynamic Object Language Group YoLambda 508-372-5342
Dynasty Development Environment Dynasty Development Environment 708-355-8300
EASEL Corporation EASEL Workbench
Enfin for OS/2 (617)221-3077
EDV-BURO Kollenbach KIM 386/1.0 +49 9116 887260
ERGIS S.A. TP Tools/2 +33 90184424
EXSYS, Inc. EXSYS Professional 800-676-8356
Elographics Touch Screen Device Driver 404-932-8783
Ernst & Young AME-Performance Support Assistant 214-444-2124
Extension Software FlexText v1.3 602-820-0321
FTP Software Inc. PC/TCP DEVELOPMENT KIT 508-685-4000
PC/TCP for OS/2
Flexus International Corp. COBOL spII 215-588-9400
G2 Technology PTY Ltd Netalyzer 61-2-955-9682
GENESiS Kft GAP/2 (GENESiS Application Platform/2) +36 1 1497 999
GRAFTech Devel. Corporation BARCODES Plus 517-487-2780
GUILD Products Inc GUILD 415-513-6650
GammaLink Gammafax Programmers Interface v5.1 408-745-2275
Gateway Systems Corporation SYNERGIST 517-337-8960
Genesys Data Technologies Image Find 410-785-0000
Image Extender 301-785-0660
Geodyssey Limited Hipparchus 403-234-9849
Glance AG M2CC/C Modula-2 to C Translator +41 1 853 3949
Glenco Engineering Hardlock Master Kit for OS/2 708-808-0300
Gpf Systems, Inc. GPFTools 203-873-3300
Gpf 2.1
Greenleaf Software Greenleaf Comm++ V.2.0 800-523-9830
Hans Otto & Partner GmbH TRIAS 3D +49 8331 63780
Hardy Software Systems Footprints 2.0 713-871-1448
Harfmann Software Sherlock OS2DF1-8 CompSv
Hockware Inc. VisPro/REXX 919-380-0616
VisPro/REXX 1.1 - Bronze Edition
VisPro/REXX Gold 2.0
Hunziker & Gygli AG IVS/1 +41 5821 4040
IBM Canada AIF Express 416-474-6199
IBM Corp IBM Data Interpretation System
IBM Corporation A2DS 1-800-IBM-CALL
Graph Interface Kit/2
IBM Animated Design/2
IBM CMVC OS/2 Client
IBM OS/2 2.0 Developer's Workbench
IBM C Set ++ FirstStep V2.1
IBM C++ Set/2
PL/I Package/2
IBM OS/2 2.0 Developer's Toolkit
IBM SAA Common User Access Controls Lib
IBM System Performance Monitor/2 Version
IBM SOMobjects Developer Toolkit for OS/2
IBM SOMobjects Workgroup Runtimes for OS/2
IBM Workstation Interactive Test Tool V
IBM Europe Personally Safe-n-sound
IBM UK PL/I Workstation/2
IQ Engineering Corp. Supertype Master Library 408-733-1161
IRMWare Services Entity/Relationship Diagrammer 602-730-1510
ISCL 32-BIT GNU C/C++ Compiler for OS/2 Part 516-767-2233
32-BIT GNU C/C++ Compiler for OS/2 Part
ITK GmbH & Co KG ixOne-Basic +49 231 9747122
Imagesoft Inc. Glockenspeil C++ 800-245-8840
C++ Ver 3.0
Imaging Automation, Inc. Docutrieve 603-598-3400
Impact Software Impact Formatted Entry Fields 818-879-5592
InfoSpan Corporation InfoSpan CASE*Integrator 612-939-0088
Information Transport Systems, Ltd Remote Camera Control System +44 932 350577
Ingres/ASK Group ASK VisionPro 510-769-1400
ASK Windows4GL
Inmark Development Corp. ZApps for OS/2 415-691-9000
Innovative Data Concepts, Inc. TCXL Professional for OS2 800-926-4551
TesSRact Programmer's Power Pak for OS/2
TesSeRact Developers Workshop/Multi-Pla
IDC Advanced Utilities Disk
TCXL/PM for OS/2 2.0
TFILE for OS/2
TesSeRact Compression System (TCOMP)
Insoft OY PMA +358 81 376 128
PROSA Structured Analysis & Design Tool
PROSAC Automatic C Code Generator
PROSACDM Concurrent Document Manager
PROSASQL SQL Code Generator
Integration Technologies 32 BIT INTEK C++ for OS/2 206-455-9935
Intelligent Environments Application Manager (AM) Version 4 508-640-1080
AM CICS OS/2 Interface
AM COBOL Interface
AM CP/Workbench
AM Graphical Printing Interface
AM Harvest
AM SQL/Workbench
Intercole Systems Limited SPECTRA Data Aquisition and Control +44 703 254727
Intersolv PVCS (800)547-4000
Excelerator II
Maintenance Workbench
IronSoft Inc. CobolXplorer Analyzer 800-236-0141
Ironsoft CobolXplorer
JBA International PLC GUIdelines +44 527 550558
JP Software 4OS2 800-368-8777
Johannes Martin PFORTE +49 6131 35156
Kaseworks, Inc. KASE:VIP for PM 800-888-4335
Kase:Set for PM
KnowledgeWare ADW/CW-GUI 800-338-4130
Kudza Software Kudza Test Editor (KED) for OS/2
LESTEC PTY LTD MAID - Modular And Integrated Design 61-2-9815925
Lexitech, Inc. KISS 203-495-6500
Liant SW Corporation C++ Views 508-872-8700
Link Computer OS2 Cops +45 2123 2350
Lorill Technologies Fileworks 813-377-5430
M. Bryce & Associates Inc. OS/2 BATCH MANAGER 813-786-4567
MAGEC Software MAGEC Rapid Application Development System 800-336-2432
MKS, Inc MKS LEX & YACC 800-265-2797
MYCO Systems Ltd Fast-Train +44 895 253029
Management Data COMFORT +43 1 313338140
Mdbs, Inc Object/1 (317)447-1122
Media Cybernetics HALO Advanced Imaging Library 800-535-9497
HALO Imaging Library
Metafile Information Systems Inc. MSpool CICS 507-286-9605
Metaview/2 CICS
Meta/TOOLS OS/2 800-638-2445
Micado Softwareconsult GmbH micWOP Corporate +49 2242 871432
micWOP Corporate ODBMS
micWOP Developer
Micro Focus, Inc. COBOL Workbench (415)856-4161
MicroWay NDP C/C++ Developers Pack 508-746-7341
NDP Fortran 90 Developers Pack
NDP Fortran Developers Pack
NDP Pascal Developers Pack
Micrografx, Inc. Mirrors 800-733-3729
N.A. Software Ltd Fortran 90 Plus Compiler +44 51 709 5645
Nanosoft GeoComp & GeoDcomp 206-391-7880
Nat Systems NS-DK/2 800-535-9497
Netwise Inc. DUET 303-442-8280
Neuron Data Inc. NEXPERT OBJECT 415-621-0925
Neuron Data Open Interface
OHB Software GraphixMaster PM Animation Toolkit 708-590-1095
GraphixMaster PM Image Toolkit
GraphixMaster PM Kernel
ORA/SQL Consulting Beautify 3.0 For Oracle Forms 3.0 713-465-6375
Extract 3.0 for Oracle Forms 3.0
OS/Tools Incorporated COMScope 408-225-7188
Object Design, Inc. ObjectStore 800-926-2260
Object Technology, Inc. Envy 400 602-222-9519
Objectives Inc./Delta Airlines Macroscope 303-442-2200
One Tree Software SourceSafe 800-397-2323
One Up Corporation SourceLink for OS/2 800-678-01UP
Ontos C++ API (for ONTOS Server) 617-272-7110
Ontrack Computer Systems Inc. Dr. Solomon's AntiVirus Toolkit for OS/2 800-752-1333
Oracle Corporation SQL*VDM 415-506-7000
PBS-Professional Business Software HyperWork 2.2 +49-431-585140
PC-Systemer Norge A/S RUBICON C +47 221 78080
PDC - Prolog Development Center PDC Prolog for OS/2 404-873-1366
PDC Prolog
PROCYON Research Ltd CAPS +44 223 421221
Syllabus Plus
PROMULA Development Corporation PROMULA FORTRAN Compiler 614-263-5454
PROMULA FORTRAN to C translator
ParcPlace Systems VisualWorks (408)481-9090
Pedagogic Software PRXUTILS - OS/2 2.0 Rexx Utilities 817-430-3261
Programart Corporation APMpower Application Performance Analys 617-661-3020
Progressive Software Tech Inc S/W Configuration Management Supervisor 303-932-2051
Prominare,Inc. Prominare Development System 416-363-2292
Prominare Analyst
Prominare Builder
Prominare Designer
Prominare Editor
Q+E Software Q+E Extend 919-859-2220
Quercus System Personal REXX 2.0 for OS/2 408-867-7399
Personal REXX 3.0 for OS/2
REXXTERM 2.3 for OS/2
REXXLIB for OS/2 2.0
R&O Software-Technik GmbH Rochade +49 8980080
Raleigh Systems ObjectPM 216-292-7225
Rational Visions XPRO V5.0 for OS/2 602-846-0371
Recognita Corp. of America Recognita Plus IDTK Developer Kit 800-255-4627
RimSTAR Technology RimSTAR PM:Editor 603-778-2500
Robin Systems RSI Client/Server Development System 215-860-6970
Rogue Wave Software Math.h++ 503-754-3010
Roos Instruments RI 7100A Microwave ATE Test Systems 408-748-8589
S-Cubed, Inc. DAISYS 203-323-0760
Supre Client Support Environment
SAS Institute, Inc SAS/AF 919-677-8000
SCC Marketing RAP +46 8 927898
SIG Computer GmbH Eiffel/S +49 6472 2096
Scan-Graphics Inc. ScanEdit 215-328-1040
ScanView with Print
Scientia LTD Procyon Common Lisp for OS/2 +44 223 421 221
Seer Technologies (First Boston) Case Tools (HPS) & Case Generated Apps. 212 643-6025
Silis Sarl INTERSCRIPT 352-45-25-64
Simpact Associates Inc. SOFTWARE DEVELOPER KIT FOR OS/2 619-565-1865
Soft & Gui Inc. Command Line 718-769-8017
Error Manager
Softbridge, Inc. ATF for OS/2 PM 617-576-2257
Software Architects Inc. PRT2UP 415-948-9186
Software Artistry Application Software Expert for OS/2 2. 317-876-3042
Expert Advisor Help Desk referee
Software-Ley GMBH COSA +49 2238 53001
Solution Technology Inc. Barcode Anywhere 407-241-3210
FormsReader Data Station/32
Sourcecode Inc. DISCOVER-IT 212-886-9863
Star Division StarView 800-888-8527
Stegsoft SHOW +49 721 693230
Stephen Best Billboard v1.1 Comp.100033,340
Stepstone Corporation Objective-C 800-289-6253
Stirling Technologies InstallSHIELD 800-3SHIELD
Strategic Solutions International Service Point/32 SDK 203-742-1572
Sub Systems Inc. TE Developer's Kit 800-447-6819
Spell Time
Suite Software Suite Talk 619-698-7550
Symantec - Languages Group Zortech C++ version 3.1 800-441-7234
Synetik Systems BenchTech for OS/2 800-598-1718
System Software Associates AS/SET IWS 3.0 CASE Products 312-258-6266
Systemhaus Bieber Profit Plus +49 6221 863468
TISL R&D Ltd GEMINI +44 883 344500
The International OS/2 User Group Business Graphics Library for OS/2 2.0 +44 285 641175
ApiTrace Version 2.10
OS/2 2.0 System Monitoring Tools
The Peregrine Group, Inc. FlexLoad 708-381-8760
The Periscope Company, Inc. Periscope/32 for OS/2 (800)722-7006
The Software Lifeline X-SOLID 3D Solid 407-994-4466
The Wollongong Group PathWay API Developers Tool Kit 415-962-7100
PathWay Runtime and API Dev. Tool Kit
Thiersch & Company AD/Bridge 510-825-4384
Tom Sawyer Software Corp. Circular Layout Library 510-848-0853
Graph Layout Toolkit for OS/2
TopDesk Software DipWriter Version 1.0 416-631-3756
Transcendental Automation LR by Transcendental Automation Comp 71022,3620
Trifox, Inc. TRIM APP 800-835-8746
Vortex C and Vortex Cobol
Trio Systems C-Index/II 818-584-9706
Tritus, Inc. Tritus SPF 1.2.5 800-321-2100
Uniface Corporation Uniface (510)748-6145
Unit For Software Engineering HR/Cycle +27 12 4203654
Vermont Creative Software Vermont Views 800-848-1248
Vermont Database Corporation Pinnacle Relational Engine 800-822-4437
Volmac Nederland B.V. DATA_Master +31-30526414
GUI_Master Professional
WATCOM C++ 519-886-3700
Fortran 77
Wild Hare Computer Systems Inc. Axis 303-530-2221
WinSoft Instant Prototyper 415-324-9552
Instant Windows
Wolverine Software Corp. GPSS/H PROFESSIONAL 703-750-3910
XVT Software, Inc. XVT-Design 800-678-7988
XVT-PowerObjects PakI
Yam Computer, Ltd OpenWin +97252-901-418
Zinc Software, Inc. Zinc App Framework-OS/2 platform 801-785-8900
dSoft dbfLIB 713-537-0318
epsilon CDL2-Compiler +49 6935076

Electronic Mail

Company Product Sales Phone
Advanced Idea Machines AIMS AIMS Network Link Processor 801-572-4018
Complink Ltd. WorldLink Electronic Mail 516-829-1883
WorldLink FAX
WorldLink MHS
WorldLink Network Control Center
WorldLink OS/2 Process Manager
WorldLink OS/2 X.25 Gateway
WorldLink Script
WorldLink Server
WorldLink Universal Information Service
WorldLink Voice
WorldLink v5.0
Dave Bricetti & Associates MsgVu/PM 510-945-7565
Fischer International Emc2/TAO LAN v3.3 813-643-1500
ICRA Inc. Tecomac Mail 703-552-0253
Kurt Westerfeld KWQ Mail/2 703-591-6912
Logicon Inc. LMDS 703-486-3566
Lotus Development Corp cc:Mail for OS/2 Workplace Shell 800-343-5414
Malibu Software Group Inc. VORAMS E-Mail-Store-Forward 310-456-8940 x1
VORAMS Fax-Store-Forward
VORAMS Voice Mail
Mastermind Technologies Voice-mail Extension Kit 703-237-2766
NBS Systems TOSS/LAN 203-741-2244
Technology Development Systems, Inc LapControl 708-382-9191
Worldtalk Corporation Worldtalk 400 Gsteway for Lotus Notes 408-399-4022

Games and Entertainment

Company Product Sales Phone
Barken Enterprises, Inc./ROBAR PM Crosswords 714-497-4623
Baron Software Services Name your baby 516-797-4366
Crossen Computing Johnny Apple Read 703-486-3500 x2
David Charlap Mine Sweeper for OS/2 201-586-3812
Hatim Amro AMROMIND 512-836-3587
John Morris Trade Wars 2 702-359-1303
OHB Software Bitmaps Unlimited 708-590-1095
Reed Software Inc. OS/2 2.0 BlackJack 702-456-3737
SLY Industries Zapped 403-547-0669
Zapped v2.0 SE and Icon Pack
Zapped v2.0 and Icon Pak
Zapped v2.0, IconPak I & II +4 Icon set
Sector Consulting PmMath 403-466-2893
Stangl Roman Rollball FTP-OS2.NMSU.edu
The New Earth Society Dungeon Chess 305-238-9140
Turgut Kalfaoglu Typefast


Company Product Sales Phone
Access, A Communications Company Portable dSIGN/2-32 for OS/2 2.0 206-285-4994
American Computer Technologies Icon EXPRESS Utility and Library 800-228-7185
Cognitive Technology Corp. CuneiForm OCR Engine Library 415-925-2323
Computer Systems Integration, Inc. FaxForward 401-331-1117
Corel Systems Corp. CorelDraw 1-800-836-DRAW
Data Acquisition, Inc. pm PLOT 318-232-3013
Desktop Information Systems Elite-IMS 09 502 7604
IDEAS Commercial Systems Impresario 703-818-4174
Lotus Development Corp Freelance 800-343-5414
MicroQuill Performance Tracer 206-525-8218
Micrografx, Inc. Designer 800-733-3729
Minaret Software Scan Fix 415-755-3124
PDR Information Services DocManager/2 800-877-5288
Productivity Software Resources pq Personal Query 2 404-998-6865
Proxima Corp. Video Tablet Driver - Cyclops 619-457-5500
R&M Biometrics, Inc. BioQuant - PM 615-350-7866
Rudolph Research FE III Focused Beam Ellipsometer System 201-691-1300
SAS Institute, Inc SAS/GRAPH 919-677-8000
SL Corporation SL:GMS Development Kit 415-927-1724
SL:GMS Runtime
SLY Industries Edge Effects 403-547-0669
Science Applications Int'l Corp. Common Graphics Package 617-494-5140
Soft-Tek International, Inc. GRAFSMAN 3.1.05 316-838-7200
Stegsoft PLOT +49 721 693230
The Crossley Group Developer's Business Graphic Toolkit 404-751-3703
The Graphics Network Limited The Business Graphics Library +44 285 713297
Universal Instruments Graphical User Interface for UI 607-779-5179
University of Florida Object GPG / Objective FM 904-392-0997
Vinzant Inc. Event Control Server 219-942-9544
SQLFile System
VoxLink Corporation VoxFax 404-717-1566

Information Management

Company Product Sales Phone
American Management System Image & Record Mng 800-336-4786
C-PAK Corporation The Reporter 706-883-7664
Carlton Corporation CARLTON PASSPORT 617-272-4310
Cirrus Technology Unite! 301-698-1900
Computer Associates International CA-SuperProject 800-225-5224
Delphus, Inc. 4CX-11 201-267-9269
Desktop Advantage Devel. Group Inc. PowerImage 617-965-6590
IBM Corporation Address Book Synchronization/2 1-800-IBM-CALL
IBM DataGuide/2 V 1
IBM ImagePlus WS COMM/2
InfoSpan Corporation InfoSpan OPEN*Repository 612-939-0088
Kofax Image Products KIPP Developer's Toolkit 714-727-1733
MIK MIK-EIS 07531-51028
OakTree Software Co. Tyme Mynder 512-940-9527
POC-IT Management Services, Inc. MicroMan Esti-Mate 310-393-4552x20
MicroMan II
Platinum Technology Inc. RC/Migrator 708-620-5000x11
Recognita Corp. of America Recognita Plus 2.0 OCR 800-255-4627
SAS Institute, Inc Base SAS System 919-677-8000
SAS/Tutor I - VI
SEE Software Inc. Software Engineering Environment (SEE) 602-596-9116
TYDAC Technologies SPANS-GIS 3D View 613-226-5525
SPANS-GIS Contouring
SPANS-GIS Interation
SPANS-GIS Multi-Crit
SPANS-GIS Neighborhd
SPANS-GIS Pnt Aggreg
SPANS-GIS Surface Gn
SPANS-GIS Topological
SPANS-GIS Visibility
TanData Progistics Document Manager 918-748-9021
Technisoft MultiProject Plus 508-255-7900
Trifox, Inc. Trim QMR 800-835-8746
Trim Report
Vinga System Vinga Vedro Server +46 3181 9850


Company Product Sales Phone
Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) SIGMA +46 36 17 1000
Footprint Software Inc. Footprint Works 416-860-0477
Gilbert & Associates ViewZ 206-287-3110
IBM Corporation IBM Network Door/2 1-800-IBM-CALL
IBM Presentation Manager Office/2 817-962-7935
J&T Associates Advanced Information Agent 313-429-8360
Personal Information Agent
Lotus Development Corp Notes 3.0 800-343-5414
Mesarteam SPA JOE - Job Organisation Environment +39 11 26851
MicroBurst, Inc. Legato 301-330-2995
PI Technology Inc. Integrated Image Workstation PI+ 805-582-0775
PrOffice Personal Address Book/2 (PAB/2) +49 2208 72625
Spinnaker Software PFS: Works for OS/2 800-323-8088
Stephen Hapke Productions File Director 2.0 for OS/2 708-824-7904
Sundial Systems Corp. Relish 32-Bit 310-596-5121
Relish Net 32-Bit


Company Product Sales Phone
AND Communications IBM Columbus: Encounter, Discovery and
ASC Audio Video Corporation Virtual Recorder 818-843-7004
Commix SP DisplayMaster (703)356-9858
Crawford Communications Inc. Creating DVI 404-365-2266
Graphical Presentation Editor
Gulf Stream Info-mercial Kiosk
System Guide ( MMPM )
Test Driving ActionMedia II
Ultimedia DV Welcome
Ultimedia Welcome
Datalus Inc. Multimedia Desktop 517-347-1333
Digital Visions Corporation Voice Request Server 407-362-0852
Dynamic Media Talent Source 404-218-8020
Hammer of the Gods Software LightWaves 512-389-2501
IBM Corporation ActionMedia II Upgrade Kit 2 1-800-IBM-CALL
IBM Continuous Speech Series
IBM MultiMedia Presentation Manager/2
IBM Person to Person/2 Version 1.0
IBM Speech Client/2
M-Cntrl Prg/2 V2.01
The Illuminated Books and Manuscripts
Integra Business Systems, Inc. DOCUBASE V 3.1 813-725-4507
Marcole Enterprises Tabletop Merchandising System 510-933-9792
Multi Media Management Inc. TouchVision (formerly Homevision) 410-326-0300
Network Technology Corporation MEDIAscript OS/2 DESKTOP EDITION 914-478-4500
New Media Graphics Super Video Windows, Veditor EXE 508-663-0666x16
Phillips Vidiwall ScreenPlay +31 4998 61111
RGB Computer & Video AMILINK/OS2 407-844-3348
SECA Inc. Software Engineer's Companion 215-834-0400
Time Arts Inc. Color Tools (draw and paint) 707-576-7722
Titan Applications Multimedia Presentation System 703-758-5600
University of Delaware PODIUM for Presentation Manager 302-831-8164
VoxLink Corporation VoxLight 404-717-1566


Company Product Sales Phone
3COM Star-Tek Network Mgmt. 508-393-9393
Arbor Software Corporation SSBase Application Server 3.0 408-727-7166
SSBase Application Server 2.1
Automated Information Processing, Inc. SNAPPI LINKSERVER 201-962-7677
BGS Systems, Inc. Analyze for OS/2 (617) 891-0000
C.O.L. Systems, Inc. Pegasus 914-245-0442
Client Server Networking, Inc. Conduit 203-233-2951
Crisler McKee Software Devel. Corp. ProSoft 2.01 603-898-6252
Digital Communications Association Inc Select Comm Server 1.3 800-348-3221
Dynatech Communications DN.25 Network Management System 703-550-0011
Essex Systems Inc. TCP/2 - SERVER PACK 508-750-6200
TCP/2 Basic Client Pack
TCP/2 Developers Kit
TCP/2 Distribution System
TCP/2 Domain Name Server
TCP/2 NFS Access Option
TCP/2 NetBios Option
TCP/2 SNMP Tools Option
TCP/2 Transport & Configuration System
ForeFront Software LAN Configuration Utility 403-531-2160
IBM Corporation IBM LAN Mgmt Utilities/2 1-800-IBM-CALL
LAN Distributed Platform
LAN NetView
LAN NetView Agents Extended
LAN NetView Agents for DOS
LAN NetView Enabler
LAN NetView Fix
LAN NetView Manage
LAN NetView Monitor
LAN NetView Tie
LAN Network Manager
LAN Network Manager Entry
IBM Netfinity Manager V1.1 for OS/2
LAN Automated Distribution/2
LAN Station Manager
IBM LAN Distance Connection Server for OS/2
IBM LAN Distance Remote for OS/2
Ingres/ASK Group ASK INGRES/Net 510-769-1400
ASK INGRES/Net SNA LU 6.2 Supplement
Ipswitch, Inc. Vantage/IP 617-942-0621
Legato Systems, Inc. Networker OS/2 Client (415) 812-6000
Networker OS/2 Server (NetBios)
Luxcom Inc. Network Management Station 510-770-3300
MAXM Systems Corporation MAXM 3.1 703-761-0416
MAXM Operator Workstation
Microcom LANLord for LAN NetView (914) 968-2300
Microline Microline X'Server +33 77 92 55 56
Microwork Inc. Insomnia 708-940-7067
Midori S.A. DDEServer 2.0 +34 3419 1237
Multima Corp. Netkeeper Configuration Manager 401-885-1916
Netkeeper Express
Netkeeper Help Desk Pro
Nanosoft Geonet Distributor 206-957-2740
Network Telesis, Inc. Net-F/X (818) 878-7300
ProTools, Inc. Network Analysis Series (Cornerstone Ag 800-743-4335
Network Analysis Series (Foundation Man
Prometrix Corp. Swift/Station 408-970-9500
Racal-Datacom WAN Performance Analysis 305-846-4819
Ralph Kirkley, Inc. RPM 6.2 Pgm Toolkit 512-346-3884
RPM 6.2 Receiver
RPM 6.2 Master
SNMP Research, Inc SNMP Agent 615-573-1434
Saros Corporation Mezzanine 206-646-1066
Shany, Inc. Alertview V.2.1 415-694-7410
Softool Corporation CCC/Manager for OS/2 805-683-5777 x1
Software AG Entire Net-Work 703-391-6720
Software Artistry Expert Advisor 1.0 for OS/2 2.0 317-876-3042
Expert Advisor Mainframe Interface
Software Corporation of America Polypm/2
Strategic Solutions International Net Impact PM/Workstation 203-742-1572
Service Point/32
Service Point/32 for LAN NetView
Service Point/32 for LAN Server
Syntax Inc. EnterpriseTCP for OS/2 206-838-9836
TOTUS Ltd Client/Service Triangle +358 0502 2622
Tangram Enterprise Solutions, Inc. Arbitor RFS 919-851-6000
TelLabs NMCS 2500 Network Management System 800-445-6501
Telenex Corp. Matrix Switch Network Management 609-866-7410
Trifox, Inc. VORTEX CLIENT 800-835-8746


Company Product Sales Phone
ARS NOVA Software GmbH DART 1.0 +49 711 3704001
NEDT 2.1
VICK 2.1
Airtech Computer Security PC-Guard for OS/2 +44 844 201800
CTB Camtec Software GmbH Screenforms 2.0
Computer Supported Manufacturing AG CAP-B/2 01-9040-1434
Comwave MicroFax +41 291 430394
Delta Research Oy Corrugator scheduling 358-0-2947510
Design Concepts CadQuote 0-125470209
Escon Electronics A/S Computer Intergrated Warehousing (CIW) +45 7516 7722
FAST Software Engineering M2M - Modular Medical Management +32 3 825 1315
Guddland Digital SA MDE 352-50-35-21
IBM Corporation IBM FLOWMARK for OS/2 1-800-IBM-CALL
Merva Branch/2
ISA ISA Dialog Manager +49 711 2276915
Logo 2000 MERFINA +39 6 5043591
Ordinal Technologies Induscreen +33 1 4632 3000
Quality Decision Management, Inc. (ODM Quality At Work 508-688-8266
Relational Data Services, Inc VISTA/PROPOGATOR 717-763-9510
Schall GMBH + CO Informatik LVS/PC Version 2.0 +49 711 455072
Softwise Limited SQUASH +44 703 232666
St. Paul Software Spedi*exec 612-641-0963
TRISYS Software Limited Diary Application +44 202 582212
USA Software Inc. USAFrame 2.0 800-833-1059
Veritas Software VERITAS VISTA 408-727-1222


Company Product Sales Phone
Computer Associates International CA-Compete! 800-225-5224
Lotus Development Corp 1-2-3 800-343-5414
SAS Institute, Inc SAS/CALC 919-677-8000


Company Product Sales Phone
2Rud Software PMSPELL 516-321-4590
AR Schleicher System Shutdown 914-666-5139
ASP PayBack 216-655-9770
The Calendar Supplement
Protection Toolkit
Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd MemoHASP I 972-3-5375795
Aladdin Software Security HASP-3 800-223-HASP
All Micro Rescue 800-653-4933
Aquidneck Systems International, Inc. ODSM/2 401-295-2691
Arcadia Technologies Inc. Arcadia Workplace Companion 818-446-6945
Bare Bones Software FM (file mgr) 1.2 318-424-6673
Archive Viewer 1.82
Binar Graphics, Inc. Skyscraper 415-491-1565
BitWare Consulting QuikSwitch Comp. 72303,412
C.E. Gaumer SCOPY 215-261-9129
C.I.M. GMBH Smart-Lock +49 8142 53086
CCT, Inc. Back-in-a-Flash 203-264-6994
COMM-PRESS, Inc. COMM-PRESS for DOS and OS/2/Cross Enter 214-556-2921
Capstone Software, Inc. SpaceMap 317-848-2414
Carry Associates, Inc. INIMAINT 813-642-9126
Central Point Software, Inc. Central Point Anti-Virus for OS/2 503-690-8090
Charles G. Hoppa OS/2 INI File Editor 410-527-6117
Clear & Simple, Inc. Performance 2.1 203-658-1204
Client Server Networking, Inc. Son of Shell (SOS) 203-233-2951
MaxiMenu/Son of Shell
Colorado Memory Systems Tape Backup
Compuware Corp. RemoteControl/2 800-521-9353
Creative Systems Programming Corp. WPS Shutdown! 1.0 609-234-1500
Dan Holt Directory Enforcer 404-986-0411
PM Scrapbook
Daniel J. Neades Process Status
Dave Fisher tdate100.zip
Dave Lester ICONES.ZIP 717-235-7315
Workplace Shell Backup Utility
David B. Gillespie Safe Delete/Undelete Utility
Development Technologies, Inc. Deskman/2 800-3IBMOS2
Donna Campanella EXTFS2 215-278-0863
Eliashim Microcomputers, Inc. MultiSafe/MasterSafe 813-744-5177
Faircom SQL Server 314-445-1417
c-tree Plus File Handler
d-tree Professional Developer
r-tree Report Generator
Fernando Q. Youvea Scientific Calculator
GenText, Inc. BIT2BIT 214-691-0300
Genii Software Navigator for OS/2 216-991-0511
Hatim Amro AMROCLOCK 512-836-3587
Hilbert Computing Chron V4.0 913-780-5051
Chron v3.0
IBM Corporation CM Mouse Support 1-800-IBM-CALL
FastService for OS/2
IBM Command Tree/2
IBM Operations Planning and Control/ESA
IBM Sytos Plus
Screen Reader/2
Personally Safe'n'Sound
System Performance Monitor/2
IBM AntiVirus/2
Impact Software Killp2.zip 818-879-5592
Ing. Buro-Sittinger HOBELIX PC +49 9502 920011
J&J Computer Consulting The J&J Utilities for OS/2 405-624-1472
Knowledge Dynamics Install 210-979-9424
Install Pro
Levine Computer Consulting OS2TREE LITE 202-966-5309
Lookout Mountain Software NISTP.zip
MERGENT International, Inc. PC DACS for OS/2 203-257-4223
MHR Software and Consulting ATS for OS/2 2.0 908-422-0651
MKS, Inc MKS Toolkit 800-265-2797
MSR Development BACKMASTER 1.01 409-564-1862
MTE Software, Inc. Conversion Assistant for OS/2 619-528-1861
Manfred Neumann Software FileStar +49 6152 82709
Micro Design International Inc. Disk-Tape Backup 407-677-8333 x1
Mitnor Software PrntScrn Screen Print Utility 918-357-1628
New Era Harbor 403-231-9824
Nombas CEnvi 617-391-6595
Norloff Computer Consulting Bean Counter 703-352-2151
North Shore Systems CursorPower 702-831-1108
Oberon Software DKST102.lzh 507-388-7001
One Up Corporation Open Shutter 800-678-0187
Window Washer
Opt-Tech Data Processing Opt-Tech Sort 702-588-3737
Orange Hill Software DESKpower 714-524-5851
PCX OS2 Backup Wiz 800-800-4729
PI Technology Inc. Optical/Disk Library Server PI Archive 805-582-0775
Pacific Microelectronics, Inc. MAC-in-DOS for OS/2 800-628-3475
MAC-in-DOS for Win-OS/2
Patrick Townsend & Associates DataPump/AS 2.0 206-357-8971
Pegasus Disk Technologies Inc. Multiple Drive Management Interface - A 510-938-5340
Multiple Drive Management Interface - M
Multiple Drive Management Interface - S
Optical Jukebox Management Interface -
Optical Jukebox Management Interface -
Optical Jukebox Management Interface -
Peter Norberg Consulting, Inc. RAMDISK 314-647-8487
Philip L. Gilmer Keystate 1.1 205-325-3681
Pinnacle Technology Desktop Observatory 219-278-6414
Hocus Focus
Pixel Vision Software PMJPEG 617-423-5947
Programart Corporation APMpower, STROBE 617-661-3020
Proportional Software Corp Disk Compression Facility for OS/2 303-484-2665
QB Software Directory Manager 507-252-1621
Quark Research Corporation PDQ Reporting Systems 203-666-3870
RDW Controls Interactive Cached List Box 714-980-5164
Rick Yoder Smartview
Rsoft Inc. RPlot for OS/2 212-666-0959
SE International Inc. Data Entry Fields 407-241-3428
DocuMento 1.1
Formatted Entry Fields
STAC Data Compression Company Stacker 1-800-522-STAC
Sansoft Development L2_20.zip
ScheduPerformance, Inc. Background Master 305-486-8299
Priority Master I
Priority Master II
Sequoia Data Corporation ScanFix 415-696-8750
SofTouch Systems, Inc. GammaTech Utilities for OS/2 - Rel. 2.1 405-947-8080
GammaTech Power Pack for OS/2 V1.0
GammaTech File Secure for OS/2 Rel 1.0
Software Builders Zipman For OS/2 800-432-0025
Stangl Roman Programm Commander/2 (PC/2) FTP-OS2.NMSU.edu
Stephen Hapke Productions Bitmap Screen Saver for OS2 2.0 708-824-7904
Symantec - Peter Norton Group FastBack Plus for OS/2 800-441-7234
Norton Commander
Syntegration The Secure Workplace 909-464-9450
Sytron Corporation Sytos Plus (32bit) 508-898-0100
Sytos Rebound
Sytos Repro
Sytos Scheduler
Taylor Made Systems Print Utility/2 205-344-0672
Technical Resource Center FYI (For Your Information) 2.1 312-721-5476
Telephoto Communications, Inc. ALICE-OS2 619-452-0903
The Info Group Inc. Host*Link Reporter 508-872-8383
Theo Foster ItsNow! 817-485-6737
Tools & Techniques, Inc. Data Junction 4.2 512-459-1308
Topsoft Ltd. Cyberlock OS/2 +44 527 36453
Turgut Kalfaoglu Nice Version 1.0
Backup INI
UTI-MACO Safeguard Systems, Inc. Safeguard Easy for OS/2 203-257-4230
Van Nostrand Reinhold Shell Utilities-Lights 800-342-6672
Shell Utilities-PMDump
Walkerwerks Alarm Clock 901-683-3770
Alarm Pro
Winchester Data Products, Inc. VECTRESS 403-461-4331
YAM Computers OpenWin Light +97252-901-418


Company Product Sales Phone
Bellcore (MediaCom) MediaCom 201-740-3579
Cascade Technologies Inc. Cas Voice 2.0 212-768-7380
Cascade Call Center 1.1
Cascade Voice Tools
Compass Technology Inc. Call Performer Plus 813-371-8000
Data Management Voice Systems DMAT 309-444-9088
Edify Corporation Electronic Workforce 408-982-2000
Human Resources Applications
Order Administration
Sales & Marketing Applications
FAR Systems Inc. Automated Pager Activation System 414-563-2221
Automated Pager Activation System, Mode
Call Access
Fax Broadcasting
Generic Outdial Outdial Application Mod
The FAR Voice
Linktronic Systems, Inc. SmartLink 714-952-3683
MEI-SHU Computer & Commun. Corp. VC 20000 (Voice Communication 2000) 301-258-8166
Michael Reynolds & Associates Crystal Voice 407-288-7028
School Pak
Security Pak/Elder Pak
Open+Voice DL Language 214-497-9022
Parwan Electronics Voice Saver on OS/2 908-536-7500
Specialty Systems Inc. BRAVO/ART Interactive Voice Response 908-341-1011
BRAVO/MMD (manufact/dist)
BRAVO/OLI (On Line Inquiry)
BRAVO/TUTOR (Touch Tone Requisitioning)
Spectrum Automation Auto Corrector 619-538-6681
Help Desk Attendant
Help Desk Manager
Voice Alert
Voice Update
T1 Systems Inc. ACD/PBX Emulation 303-234-9000
Automated Attendent Module
College Registration Module
Dealer Locator Module
Help Desk Module
Horoscope Calculation & Delivery
Lottery Information
Name/Address Capture
News Delivery
Operator Services
Order Taking Module
Personal Communications Network
Predictive Dialer Module
Referral Service Module
School Attendence Tracking
Sports Scores Modules
Stock Quotes Module
Talking Classifieds Module
Telephone Polling Module
Trivia Module
VDM Voice Delivery Module
VDraw (Appl Tool for Visually Programs)
VServer (Server for External Databases)
Voice Messaging Module
Voice Personals
Wake-up Service
Weather Module
Technically Speaking Inc. Show N Tel Plus 508-881-1900
Telesystems Marketing Inc. Total Call Management/2 (TCM/2) 703-385-1212
VF-LINK, Inc. FactslinkPRO 708-866-0404
VoxLink Corporation VoxMail 404-717-1566

Word Processing

Company Product Sales Phone
B I Moyle Associates, Inc. PC/Edit 612-331-6334
Boxer Software Boxer/OS2 1-800-982-6937
Brett Baudin PM Spell Checker 403-492-7048
Computer Associates International CA-Textor 800-225-5224
DeScribe Inc. Describe 1-800-448-1586
Electronic Data Systems Corporation Browse REXX 202-586-1965
Globalink Power Translator Professional - French 1-800-255-5660
Power Translator Professional - Spanish
Johannes Martin Texpert +49 6131 35156
Lotus Word Processing Division Ami Pro 3.0 for OS/2 800-343-5414
Multitask Consulting CS-Edit/2 61-2-904-1988
SMART Communications SMART Expert Editor 212-486-1894
Strategic Software Designs, Inc. _miniEd 708-778-6060
_miniEd Toolkit
WordPerfect Corporation WordPerfect 5.2 for OS/2 801-222-7492