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This is a quick list of OS/2 related books.

For a complete list of development related books visit the EDM/2 Wiki [1].


OS/2 Version 1.x

Title Authors Year ISBN Publisher Links
Peter Norton's Inside OS/2 Robert W. Lafore, Peter Norton 1988 ISBN 0-13-467895-8 Brady [2]
Using OS/2 Kris Jamsa 1988 ISBN 0-07-881306-9 Osborne McGraw-Hill
Essential OS/2 Judd Robbins 1988 ISBN 0-8958-8478-X Sybex
OS/2: A Business Perspective Dick Conklin 1988 ISBN 0-4716-3503-0 Wiley [3]

OS/2 Version 2.0

Title Authors Year ISBN Publisher Links
OS/2 2.0 Complete Franken 1992 ISBN 1-55755-157-X Abacus
Stepping Up to OS/2 2.0 Albrecht; Plura 1992 ISBN 1-55755-160-X Abacus
10 Minute Guide to OS/2 2.0 Herb Tyson 1992 ISBN 1-56761-000-5 Alpha
Exploring OS/2 Version 2.0 Crockett 1993 ISBN 0-87709-056-4 Boyd & Fraser
Inside OS/2 2.0 Mark Minasi 1992 ISBN 1-56205-045-1 NRP [4]
Using OS/2 2.0 Nance 1992 ISBN 0-88022-863-6 Que
The OS/2 2.0 Handbook:
Applications, Integration, and Optimization
William H. Zack 1992 ISBN 0-442-01234-9 Van Nostrand Reinhold

OS/2 Version 2.1

Title Authors Year ISBN Publisher Links
OS/2 2.1 Complete Peter Franken, Seetzen 1993 ISBN 1-55755-184-7 Abacus
OS/2 for Dummies Andy Rathbone 1993 ISBN 1-878058-76-2 IDG Books
Inside OS/2 2.1 Mark Minasi 1993 ISBN 1-56205-134-2 New Riders
Easy OS/2 Shelley O'Hara 1993 ISBN 1-56529-145-X Que
Dvorak's Guide to OS/2, Version 2.1 John C. Dvorak, David B. Whittle, Martin McElroy 1993 ISBN 0-6797-4648-X Random House
Teach Yourself OS/2 2.1 in a Week Carol Thomas 1993 ISBN 0-672-30360-4 Sams
OS/2 2.1 Unleashed David Moskowitz, David A. Kerr 1993 ISBN 0-672-30240-3 Sams [5]
OS/2 2.1 Instant Reference Peter Dyson 1993 ISBN 0-7821-1179-3 Sybex
Now that I have OS/2 2.1 on my Computer, what do I do next? Steven Levenson, Eli Hertz 1994 ISBN 0-442-01832-0 Van Nostrand Reinhold
Using Workplace OS/2: The Power User's Guide to IBM OS/2 Version 2.1 Lori Brown, Jeff Howard 1993 ISBN 0-442-01590-9 Van Nostrand Reinhold
PC Learning Labs teaches OS/2 2.1 1993 ISBN 1-56276-148-X Ziff-Davis Press
OS/2 2.11 Power Techniques IBM 1994 ISBN 1-56529-286-3 Que

OS/2 Warp

Title Authors Year ISBN Publisher Links
Stepping Up to OS/2 Warp Robert Albrecht, Michael Plura 1995 ISBN 1-55755-269-X Abacus
Official Guide to Using OS/2 Warp Karla Stagray, Linda S. Rogers 1995 ISBN 1-56884-466-2 IDG Books
OS/2 Warp Uncensored Peter G. Magid, Ira H. Schneider 1995 ISBN 1-56884-474-3 IDG Books
OS/2 Warp for Dummies Andy Rathbone 1995 ISBN 1-56884-205-8 IDG Books [6]
OS/2 Warp: Professional Reference John Little 1995 ISBN 1-56205-502-X New Riders
Inside OS/2 Warp, Version 3 Mark Minasi, Bill Camarda, Bruce Hallberg, Cynthia Ross-Pedersen 1994 ISBN 1-56205-378-7 New Riders
OS/2 Warp: Easy Installation Guide Jonathan Kamin 1995 ISBN 0-7615-0099-5 Prima
Teach Yourself OS/2 Warp in a Week Carol Thomas 1995 ISBN 0-6723-0684-0 Sams
Navigating the Internet with OS/2 Warp Herbert L. Tyson 1995 ISBN 0-6723-0719-7 Sams
OS/2 Warp Administrator's Survival Guide David A. Kerr 1995 ISBN 0-6723-0744-8 Sams
OS/2 Warp Unleashed David Moskowitz 1995 ISBN 0-6723-0910-6 Sams
The OS/2 Warp Survival Guide Doug Azzarito, David W. Green 1995 ISBN 0-471-06083-6 Wiley
Getting to Know OS/2 Warp 4 Axel Buecker, Juergen Friedrichs, Veronika Moroian and Robert Schey 1996, Dec ISBN 0-1384-2147-1 Prentice Hall Ptr
OS/2 Warp Version 4 Certification Handbook OS/2 Warp Version 4 Certification Handbook IBM 1996 SG24-4869-00 IBM [7]
TCP/IP Implementation In An OS/2 Warp Environment IBM 1996, Apr SG24-4730-00 IBM ITSO [8], [9]
OS/2 Warp Server Functional Enhancements, Part 1 IBM 1997, Sep SG24-2008-00 IBM ITSO [10], [11]

OS/2 Programming

Title Authors Year ISBN Publisher Links
DOS to OS/2: Conversion, Migration, and Application Design Jay Ranade, Angelo R. Bobak 1991 0-07-051264-7 McGraw-Hill
Client/Server Programming with OS/2 2.0 Robert Orfali, Dan Harkey 1992 0-442-01219-5
OS/2 2.X Notebook Dick Conklin 1993 0-442-01522-4
The Shell Collection: OS/2 2.X Utilities Steven Levenson 1993 0-442-01585-2
OS/2 2.1 Corporate Programmer's Handbook Nora Scholin, Martin C. Sullivan, Robin Scragg 1993 0-442-01598-4
OS/2 2.0 Presentation Manager Graphics Program Guide IBM 1993 1-56529-156-5 Que
OS/2 2.1 Workplace Shell Programming Stefano Maruzzi 1993 0-679-79162-0 Random House
The Art of OS/2 2.1 C Programming K. Panov, L. Salomon, A. Panov 1993 0-471-08633-9 Wiley
Objects for OS/2 Scott H. Danforth, Paul Koenen, Bruce Tate 1994 0-442-01738-3
OS/2 2.1 Application Programmer's Guide Jody Kelly 1994 0-442-01736-7
Windows vs. OS/2, the GUI-OOUI War: The Designer's Guide to Human-Computer Interfaces Theo Mandel 1994 0-442-01750-2
Developing C/C++ Software in the OS/2 Environment V. Mitra Gopaul 1994 0-442-01240-3
Client/Server Survival Guide with OS/2 Robert Orfali, Dan Harkey 1994 0-442-01798-7
Cross-Platform Programming for OS/2: Parallel Development in DOS and OS/2 Len Dorfman 1994 0-07-017862-3
The Ultimate OS/2 Programmer's Manual John Mueller 1994 0-07-043965-6
The Ultimate OS/2 File Management Toolkit Len Dorfman, Michael O. Stegman 1994 0-07-911882-8
OS/2 Warp Programming for Dummies Blake Watson 1995 1-56884-337-2
OS/2 and NetWare Programming: Using the NetWare Client API for C Lori Gauthier 1995 0-442-01815-0
OS/2 Programmer's Reference V. Mitra Gopaul 1995 0-07-023748-4 McGraw-Hill
The OS/2 Warp Toolkit for Software Developers Maurice J. Viscuso 1996 0-13-192428-1 Prentice Hall

OS/2 REXX Programming

Title Authors Year ISBN Publisher Links
Object REXX by Example Veneskey, Trosky, Urbaniak 1996 0-9652329-0-5 Aviar
REXX Reference Summary Handbook [12] Richard K. Goran 1995 0-9639854-3-4 CFS Nevada [13]
Writing OS/2 REXX Programs Ronny Richardson 1994 0-07-052372X McGraw-Hill
Object REXX for OS/2 Warp Trevor Turton, Ueli Wahli 1996 0-13-273467-2 Prentice Hall
OS/2 2.1 REXX Handbook: Basics, Applications, and Tips Hallett German 1994 0-442-01734-0 Van Nostrand Reinhold
Mastering OS/2 REXX Gabriel F. Gargiulo 1994 0-471-51901-4 Wiley