OS/2 Fonts Information

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This article summarize the fonts that are available on OS/2 Warp 4.5x.

Font Types

  • .FON
  • .TTF - TrueType
  • .PFB - PostScript printer fonts

.FON type - OS/2 Bitmap Font

This kind of fonts are located on the OS2/DLL folder. The ones are:

  • COURIER.FON - OS/2 Courier Font
  • HELV.FON - OS/2 Helvetica Fonts. Copyright IBM and Bitstram Inc.
  • SYSMONO.FON - OS/2 System Monospace Fonts. By IBM.
  • TIMES.FON - OS/2 Times Roman Fonts, (c) Copyright 1988, 1998 IBM Corp., Portions Copyright 1985 Bitstream, Inc.

.TTF type - TrueType Font

Truetype fonts are also available for OS/2.

.PFB - PostScript printer fonts

Adobe Type 1 format fonts