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The OS/2 Magazine was launched by Ted Bahr (the other founder of BZ Media and SD Times) in December 1993. Miller Freeman, the publishing company, pulled the plug in January 1997.


Volume 1 - 1993 - 1994

Number Contents
No.1 - Dec 1993

OS/2 Ready for Prime Time

  • OS/2 Ready for Prime Time
  • Using Windows Scanners
  • Benchmarking OS/2
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Beyond VGA: Where to find High-Res Video Drivers
  • Word Perfect 5.2 for OS/2
  • Ultimedia Builder/2
No.2 - Feb 1994

Netware made Easy

No.3 - Mar 1994

Laptops and Notebooks

No.4 - Apr 1994

New Chips for Old

No.5 - May 1994

Databases and OS/2

No.6 - Jun 1994

Networks in a Nutshell

No.7 - Jul 1994

Secret Tools

No.8 - Aug 1994

Multimedia Primer

No.9 - Sep 1994

76 Tips

No.10 - Oct 1994

Roll-Your-Own CD-ROM

No.11 - Nov 1994

Cruising the Internet

No. 12 - December 1994

Get Inside Your PC

Volume 2 - 1995

Number Contents
No.1 - 1995

First Look. OS/2 Warp 3

No.2 - 1995

OS/2 Warp 3.0: The Next Generation

No.3 - 1995

OS/2 Warp On The Go

No.4 - 1995
No.5 - 1995
No.6 - Jun 1995
OS/2 Games
  • Perspectives: Best Case, Worst Case
  • Letters
  • Dateline: OS/2 - OS/2 Warp, updated and bundled
  • The Big Picture: Together Again
  • The View from Canopus: Win32 Support on OS/2?
  • Test Drives: Desktop Add-ons (OS/2 Essentials, XFolder and Ascend Win-OS/2 Settings)
  • Cover Story: Player's Choice
  • Feature: NetWare, Part Deux.11
  • Review: The Esther Utilities 2.0
  • Just Announced
  • The REXX Column: Build Your Own Launchpad
  • Under the Hood: Getting Set to Net
  • Tips & Tricks: More System Trapdoors
  • End Notes: Dumbth Rules OK?
No.7 - 1995
No.8 - Aug 1995
OS/2 Multimedia Today


  • Perspectives: Worlds in Collision
  • Letters
  • Dateline OS/2: New Applications, New Resellers - Someday
  • Just Announced
  • The View from Canopus: Freedom of Choice
  • Test Drives: Compression Protection (ZipStream 1.03C and Dr. Solomon's Anti-Virus Toolkit 7.00)
  • Cover Story: OS/2 Multimedia: A Well-Kept Secret
  • Feature: Connecting to OS/2 Warp
  • Feature: Regular or Extra Crispy?
  • Review: Seven Multimedia Kits
  • Review: Put a Rhino in Your Modem
  • Review: Impos/2
  • The Network Connection: Hard Parts, Soft Parts
  • The REXX Column: At the REXX Symposium
  • Under the Hood: Cut the FAT
  • Tips & Tricks: Windows Memory Requirements and Hearing what RMVIEW Tells You
  • End Notes: In The Good Book
No.9 - 1995

103 Tricks

No.10 - 1995
No.11 - 1995

Working Together with Notes Express

No.12 - 1995

Office Applications

Volume 3 - 1996

Issue Content
Supplement - Buyers' Guide, 1996

OS2Mag-Buyers Guide-1996jpg.jpg

Number Cover Content
No.1 - Jan 1996
Programmer's Toolbox


  • Perspectives: One Vision
  • Letters
  • Dateline OS/2: The Future of OS/2: Technology & Marketing
  • Just Announced
  • Tips & Tricks: Risks, Drivers and Mystery Bars
  • Feature: REXX Interprocess Control
  • Feature: All the Threads, All the Time
  • OS/2 Developer - Debugging: Debugging from the Inside Out
  • OS/2 Developer - OOUI: Moving to OOUI
  • OS/2 Developer - The REXX Column: Making REXX Look Pretty
  • OS/2 Developer - GUI Corner: A ROP in the Park
  • Test Drives: Communicating by Phone and Mail
  • The Network Connection: Making Network Connections for Real
  • Under the Hood: Examining OS/2's Multitasking Structure
  • Review: Data at Ease (DataEase 5.0 for OS/2)
  • Review: Peer Review (OS/2 Warp Connect vs. LANtastic)
  • Review: IBM Dictionary of Computing on Disk
  • End Notes: The OS/2 Warp Survival Kit
No.2 - Feb 1996
Fax Facts


  • Perspectives: Straight Answers
  • Letters
  • Dateline OS/2: IBM Lays Out the Next Year
  • Just Announced
  • Tips & Tricks: The Subtle Intricacies
  • Feature: The Facts of Fax
  • Feature: Everything you always wanted to know about HPFS...
  • OS/2 Developer - Developer API Extensions: Introducing the Developer API extensions
  • OS/2 Developer - The REXX Column: Tips and Tricks from Another Source
  • OS/2 Developer - The World of Objects: littleDogs, Polymorphism, and Frameworks
  • OS/2 Developer - GUI Corner: A Lesson in Iconography
  • OS/2 Developer - OS/2 Toolbox: Product Update
  • Test Drives: Online Newspapers and the IBM PC
  • Review: Making Cents: Three Personal Accounting Aplications
  • Review: Enhancing the Workplace Shell
  • The Network Connection: OS/2 Warp as a Communications Center
  • Under the Hood: Juggling Methods: How Multitasking Works
  • End Notes: Real World Client/Server
No.3 - Mar 1996
From Mainframe to OS/2


  • Perspectives: Road Kill
  • Letters
  • Dateline OS/2: Grim Tidings for the New Year
  • Just Announced
  • Tips & Tricks: Gotchas and Minutia
  • Feature: Migrating Mainframe Programmers to OS/2
  • Feature: Hacking the OS/2 Migration Database
  • Feature: Securing the OS/2 Workstation
  • OS/2 Developer - VisualAge C++: Not Your Father's C Compiler
  • OS/2 Developer - DosStartSession: Using DOS Programs as OS/2 Functions
  • OS/2 Developer - The REXX Column: Look What I Found
  • OS/2 Developer - The World of Objects: Encapsulation and the EPIC Nature of Dogs
  • OS/2 Developer - GUI Corner: A Pointer of Contention
  • Test Drives: Taxes and Communication
  • Review: Hockware's VisPro/REXX 3.0
  • The Network Connection: Directory Services and Security - Eventually
  • Under the Hood: Getting Your Priorities Straight
  • End Notes: Son et Lumiére
No.4 - Apr 1996
Lotus Notes


  • Perspectives: Life and Hope
  • Letters
  • Dateline OS/2: New Servers, Fixes, and Peeks at the Future
  • Just Announced
  • Tips & Tricks: Caches and Fixes
  • Feature: Lotus Notes from the Ground Up
  • Feature: Connecting OS/2 Warp Connect
  • OS/2 Developer - DB2/2 Through REXX: Using the REXX APIs in DB2/2
  • OS/2 Developer - The World of Objects: Distributed Objects
  • OS/2 Developer - GUI Corner: DBCS: Double-Byte Your Pleasure
  • OS/2 Developer - OS/2 Toolbox: IBM's Workstation Interactive Test Tool
  • Test Drives: System Desktop Master (System Commander, Desktop Observatory, and BackMaster)
  • Review: Pick a Compiler (C/C++ Tools from Borland, IBM, MetaWare, and Watcom)
  • The REXX Column: Parse This!
  • The Network Connection: Protecting Against Fault
  • Under the Hood: Meet MAXWAIT
  • End Notes: Surviving the Next Big One
No.5 - May 1996
Build it Rebuild it


  • Perspectives: No More War
  • Letters
  • Dateline OS/2: What if They Gave a Damn and Nobody Came
  • Just Announced
  • Tips & Tricks: New Features and Enablement for Old Ones
  • Feature: Crash Protecting OS/2
  • Feature: Notes: The Next Generation
  • Feature: Learning the Enhanced Editor
  • OS/2 Developer - Visual Builder: Parts is Parts
  • OS/2 Developer - Mainframe UI: Moving Mainframe User Interfaces
  • OS/2 Developer - The World of Objects: Metaclass and the Dogs of Shakespeare
  • OS/2 Developer - GUI Corner: DBCS: the Double Feature!
  • Test Drives: Using All of Your Resources (Lotus Notes 4.0 and Partition Magic 2.01)
  • Review: Mathematica for OS/2
  • The REXX Column: Need More? Call an API?
  • The Network Connection: OS/2 and ISDN - a Nice Combination
  • End Notes: Déjà Vu Yet Again?
No.6 - Jun 1996
Ready for Prime Time?


  • Perspectives: The Software Company
  • Letters
  • Dateline OS/2: Speech! Speech!
  • Just Announced
  • Tips & Tricks: Web Exploring and Other Quandaries
  • Feature: OS/2 Warp Server: Ready for Primetime?
  • Feature: Installing OS/2 Warp, To Go
  • Feature: Extending the Enhanced Editor
  • OS/2 Developer - Debugging REXX: Debugging REXX DLLs Written in C/C++
  • OS/2 Developer - APL2: A Programming Language
  • OS/2 Developer - The World of Objects: Your Dog on Java. Any Questions?
  • OS/2 Developer - GUI Corner: Everything's Under Controls (Source Code)
  • OS/2 Developer - OS/2 Toolbox: Guidelines for Programming
  • Test Drives: Concise File Exit
  • Review: FontFolder 2.0
  • Review: REXX Meets the Internet
  • The REXX Column: LaunchPad Revisited
  • The Network Connection: Intensive Care for Your Domain
  • End Notes: Brush Up Your C++
No.7 - Jul 1996
Smart Buys


  • Perspectives: Random Interchange
  • Letters
  • Dateline OS/2: Talking with Merlin
  • Just Announced
  • Tips & Tricks: Freeing Queues, Printing Books, and Locking Drives
  • Feature: The Preload Situation
  • Feature: OS/2 on Hostile Hardware
  • Feature: Introducing DCE
  • OS/2 Developer - Heap: The Miracle Heap
  • OS/2 Developer - OpenDoc: Developing and Using OpenDoc Extensions
  • OS/2 Developer - The World of Objects: My Girl Scouts Are Badder Than Your Girl Scouts
  • OS/2 Developer - GUI Corner: CTLDATA: Lazy Programming
  • The REXX Column: OK, I Wrote It, Now What?
  • Test Drives: Hawk Master
  • Review: Indelible Blue's Maxwell
  • End Notes: Choose Your Linguistic Weapons
No.8 - Aug 1996
Local Network, Global Network


  • Perspectives: Zippin' Along
  • Letters
  • Dateline OS/2: Doing Business
  • Just Announced
  • Tips & Tricks: Updates and New Stuff
  • Feature: Network Meets Internet
  • Feature: Exploring Internet Relay Chat
  • OS/2 Developer - TCP/IP: Connecting to OS/2 Sockets
  • OS/2 Developer - Events in REXX: Event Programming in REXX
  • OS/2 Developer - The World of Objects: SOM 3.0: Lost in the Garden
  • OS/2 Developer - GUI Corner: It's All In The Presentation
  • OS/2 Developer - OS/2 Toolbox: MKS Source Integrity 7.1c
  • Test Drives: Seagate Expert Professional
  • The REXX Column: Potpourri of REXX Items
  • Review: Scanning in OS/2
  • End Notes: Programming the OS/2 Warp PM
No.9 - Sep 1996
Java Made Easy


  • Perspectives: The Sky is Falling
  • Letters
  • Dateline OS/2: Trickle-Down Announcements
  • Just Announced
  • Tips & Tricks: os2init, vw32s.sys, Multiple Settings, and More
  • Feature: Java Meets REXX
  • Feature: Giving Operating Systems the Boot
  • OS/2 Developer - DIVE: Better Graphics Through DIVE
  • OS/2 Developer - DirectToSOM: Going DirectToSOM with C++
  • OS/2 Developer - The World of Objects: A Kilometer Is Not a Kilometer
  • OS/2 Developer - GUI Corner: Caching In
  • The REXX Column: Info-ZIP's UnZip REXX Interface
  • Test Drives: Back Desk Management
  • Review: The Net's in the Mail
  • End Notes: Java Brew-Ha-Ha
No.10 - Oct 1996


  • Perspectives: Post Merlin
  • Letters
  • Dateline OS/2: Bad News, Good News, and No News
  • Just Announced
  • Tips & Tricks: Timed Execution, Removing Switch List, and More
  • Feature: Merlin Means Magic
  • Feature: All the News That Fits
  • OS/2 Developer - Migration: Migrating to VisualAge C++
  • OS/2 Developer - The World of Objects: Ten Rules for Distributed Object Systems
  • OS/2 Developer - GUI Corner: A Picture: Perfect Control
  • OS/2 Developer - OS/2 Toolbox: TSEJr 4.0 and Memory Management Using SPM/2
  • Test Drives: Pro Crunch Motion JView Pro 1,0a, NeuralCrunch/2 2.06, QuickMotion 1.0)
  • The REXX Column: Customising Your Latest OS/2 Install
  • Review: Double-Barreled OS/2
  • Review: DiagSoft's QAPlus/2
  • End Notes: This LAN is My LAN, This LAN is Your LAN
No.11 - Nov 1996
Multimedia under OS/2 Warp 4.0
  • Perspectives: Exemplary Experiences
  • Letters
  • Dateline OS/2: Ahead of the Curve
  • OS/2 Casebook: The OS/2 Biz: Turning a Page
  • Just Announced
  • Tips & Tricks: LaunchPads, Startup Order, WM_QUIT, and More
  • Feature: Doing Multimedia
  • Feature: The Warp Protocols
  • OS/2 Developer - Audio/Video: Multimedia Meets REXX
  • OS/2 Developer - GUI Corner: A Picture Perfect Control: The Sequel
  • Test Drives: Anti Work (AntiVirus 2.5 and ColorWorks 2.0)
  • The REXX Column: Happenings
  • Review: A Telecommunications Roundup
  • End Notes: Don't Write Off the Big Blue Dinosaurs
No.12 - Dec 1996
From DOS To OS/2 Warp


  • Perspectives: The Java Launch
  • Letters
  • Dateline OS/2: Connect the World
  • OS/2 Casebook: Molding a Design
  • Just Announced
  • Tips & Tricks: Dual Boot, .ini Files, Java on Merlin, and More
  • Feature: Exploiting the DOS/Windows Session
  • Feature: Learning Merlin with WarpGuide
  • OS/2 Developer - OpenDoc: OpenDoc Support in VisualAge for Basic
  • OS/2 Developer - The World of Objects: Dynamic Frameworks
  • OS/2 Developer - GUI Corner: A Picture Perfect Control: The Finale
  • OS/2 Developer - OS/2 Toolbox: MQSeries for OS/2: Building the Dream Machine
  • Test Drives: Graphic Stream (PhotoGraphics 1.0, ZipStream 1.20, CryptStream 1.20, and ZipStream Secure 1.20)
  • The REXX Column: REXX on OS/2 Warp 4.0
  • Review: The Backup Solution
  • End Notes: The Levelization of the Playing Field

Volume 4 - 1997

Number Cover Content
No.1 - Jan 1997
Critically Acclaimed: The Case for OS/2 Warp


  • Perspectives: Changing Dynamics
  • Letters
  • Dateline OS/2: Signs of The Times
  • Casebook OS/2: The OS/2 Biz: What Color is Your OS?
  • Just Announced
  • Tips & Tricks: DD Packs, Desktop Settings, and More
  • Feature: Critically Acclaimed: The Case for OS/2 Warp
  • Feature: The Scanning Story
  • OS/2 Developer - Game Design: Advanced Game Design with OS/2
  • OS/2 Developer - Object REXX: Scripting Object REXX Agents
  • OS/2 Developer - GUI Corner: Java Alive!
  • OS/2 Developer - The World of Objects: The Year of the Net Wars
  • Test Drives: A Final Salute
  • The REXX Column: Identifying Places and Things
  • Review: R:Base 5.5 and R:Web
  • Review: Waterloo Maple V
  • End Notes: Calling All OS/2 Administrators


  • Miller Freeman