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Identifies itself as "The Independent Guide to OS/2 Computing; published independently of IBM Corporation.

Publisher: JDS Publishing (Joel Siragher)


Volume 1
Issue Content
Issue 1 (Jan 1992)
  • Bertram Glenn Moshier: Watching OS/2
  • Scott McGrath: TAPCIS/PM: Compuserve Access Under the Presentation Manager
  • Les Bell: Programming OS/2 Presentation Manager
  • Guy Scharf: Programming the PM: Writing you own controls
  • Mark Walsh: Extended Run-Time Debugging Under OS/2 Presentation Manager
  • Mark Florence: OS/2 PM Idioms in C: Better Programs Through Fluency
  • Timothy Sipples: OS/2 Frequently Asked Questions 1.9b
  • Donna Campanella: Accessing I/O Ports Under OS/2 Protected Mode
  • Doug Hamilton: End Game
Issue 2 (1992)
  • Bertram Glenn Moshier: Watching OS/2
Issue 3 (Jun 1992)
  • Timur Tabi: The Ultimate OS/2 Game: In The Beginning
  • Auggie Cannata: Re-Usable Code: PM Services in a DLL
Issue 4 (1992)
  • Timur Tabi: The Ultimate OS/2 Game: You can be the Captain
Issue 5 (1992)
  • Timur Tabi: The Ultimate OS/2 Game: (??)
  • Guy Scharf: Advanced PM Programming: Using Sliders
Issue 6 (Dec 1992)

Os2Monthly v01 n06 dec1992.png

Issue 7 (Apr 1993)

Os2Monthly v01 n07 apr1993.png

  • 16 - Eloy O. Cruz-Bizet: REXX: A Modern Day King
  • 19 - Steve Price: Calling REXX
  • 21 - Les Bell: Interviews Mike Kogan
  • 29 - Brian R. Anderson: An OS/2 PM Editor using MLE
  • 43 - Timur Tabi: The Ultimate OS/2 Game: Show Me the Way
Issue 8 (Jun 1993)

Os2Monthly v01 n08 jun1993.png

  • Donna Campanella: Remote/Unattended Installation of OS/2
  • David Moskowitz: Object Objective: The Reading List
  • Bill Zinsmeyer: Beginner's Slope: Built by Association
  • Timur Tabi: The Ultimate OS/2 Game: The Body Electric
  • Lou Miranda: Shareware: Getting the Most Out of OS/2
  • Tim Bryce: Management Visions: When Computers are Not Enough
  • Les Bell: OS/2 Presentation Manager Programming: Window Words
  • Eloy O. Cruz-Bizet: REXXplorations: Experimenting with REXXTRY
  • Larry Moore: Cascade: Conditional Cascade Menus
  • Eric Pinnel: In the Trenches
Issue 9 (1993)

Diving Into SCSI
Os2Monthly v01 n09 jul1993.png

  • Publisher's Notes
  • Editorial
  • I/O
  • Customizing Your Home By Bill Zinsmeyer
  • For The Recent Windows Convert By Lou Miranda
  • Rexx To The Rescue By Eloy 0. Cruz-Bizet
  • Shareware By Steve Mathesius
  • For Im~Iediate Release
  • Lotus 1-2-3 By Doug Azzarito
  • How The Best Gets Better By Edward S. Hasicka
  • The Pc Industry And Scsi By Thomas Tewell
  • Upgrading A Controller And Adding A Cd-Rom Drive Under 05/2 2.0 By John G. Faughnan
  • Kingdoms And Keys By David Moskowitz
  • Iconease & Intercept By Ron Beauchemin
  • Migrating Windows By David Moskowitz
  • A Turn For The Better By Timur Tabi
  • San Diego User Group By Dave Sichak
Issue 10 (Apr 1994)

Os2Monthly issue 10 apr1994.png

  • Timur Tabi: The Ultimate OS/2 Game: Objects of Desire
  • Maria Ingold: OS/2 2.1 Multimedia [1]

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