OS/2 Product Placement

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Golden Eye

GoldenEye - UK cinema poster.jpg

This movie was heavily sponsored by IBM, having references to IBM PCs and other products on the script.

Office Space

Office space poster.jpg

Office Space does not look like a product placement, it seems more like a coincidence since they needed computer related boxes on the department of the main character.

When the three of them discussing fractional pennies off interest. Approximate at minute 50 and 1h10m at the main character department, at the back shelf.

TV Ads

It's a Warped World

There was a series of TV Ads with the intro "It's a Warped World" created by the Ogilvy & Mather agency for IBM:

Name Date Duration Link
Great Graphics Alt Rev 2 1994-10-11 30´ [1]
This is OS/2 Warp (W/ End Line) 1994-10-11 30´ [2]
Geek TV (W/ End Line) 1994-10-11 30´ [3]
Multitasking Desktop 1994-10-11 30´ [4]
No Waiting 1994-10-11 30´ [5]


IBM OS/2 Fiesta Bowl (1993–1995)

From 1993 to 1995 IBM sponsored the Fiesta Bowl American college football bowl game.