OS/2 Warp4 Installation: Disabling the Elephant (ARTCHRON)

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By Al Savage

The ARTCHRON (Elephant) Registration Reminder screen

Disable the Elephant!

Method One: Brute Force


Method Two: Elegant

Open the "OS2 System" folder, open the "Drives" folder, open the OS/2 boot drive, navigate to \OS2\INSTALL\Installed Features\Install Object - Inventory\ART - Inventory"

Drives folder

Dbl-click on "ART - Inventory" A dialogue box comes up.

Drives folder
Select the box next to "ART- Inventory",

Select the "Uninstall" button. Another dialogue box comes up.

Dialogue box: Uninstallation Summary
Important! Select the "ART- Inventory" line first,!

Select the "Uninstall" button.

A progress dialogue will appear,

Then a dialogue affirming that "Uninstallation Scheduled after Restart . . . "

Dialogue box: Uninstallation Scheduled . . .

This will uninstall the entire "art" directory and all components relating to registration.

[Source: Seth McFarland <ptackbar@vnet.net> (edited by ALS). Thanks, TC Carr, for forwarding this tip]