OS/2 Warp Installation Hangs ad Disk 1

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After the Warp logo appears and after the 'Loading....Please wait' panel, the screen turns blank and the user is left with a blinking cursor in the upper left corner of the screen. This problem can also arise after installation of a motherboard upgrade.




Incompatibility between some relatively new BIOS (especially AMI) and Warp (final release) keyboard device driver ibmkbd.sys. Specific versions of AMI BIOS affected by this incompatibility:

  1. 40-E301-000000-10111111-121593-UMC498-H
  2. 40-0100-009999-00111111-040493-80486-H
  3. 40-E300-001437-00111111-121593-GREEN-H

Award BIOS users have also reported encounters with this problem.


Use the ibmkbd.sys file from the wfwin10.zip fix archive, or the one from Warp Beta #2. Backup the ibmkbd.sys (5548 bytes, 10/3/94) file from the Warp disk 1 floppy. Then delete ibmkbd.sys from disk 1 and replace it with the version of ibmkbd.sys from [wfwin10.zip] (5612 bytes, 5/30/95) or from Warp Beta #2 (4677 bytes, 7/30/94 or 7/31/94) if you have that handy.


This is a referenced IBM APAR: APAR identifier PJ16077.

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