OS2DD101 - OS/2 Physical Device Drivers (PDD)

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Course OS2DD101 - OS/2 PDD Serial, Parallel Port Device Drivers


This five day workshop will enable programmers to write OS/2 Physical Device Drivers (PDD). A PDD enables I/O ports (serial, parallel, A/D, etc) to be shared by multiple OS/2 applications.

This workshop describes how the PDD communicates with the OS/2 kernel using the DevHlp interface. Installation and debug techniques will also be covered. The Developer Connection Device Driver Kit for OS/2 (Devcon-DDK) will be used extensively in order to build and test the PDD.


5 Days

Target Audience

IBM or OEM programmers who code device drivers for PC hardware, such as serial, parallel, SCSI, or proprietary interfaces. This workshop is a recommended prerequisite for all other device driver workshops, except PM Printer and Video workshops. This course is recommended as a prerequisite for all other device-driver courses except two: OS2DD302 and OS2DD306.

Attendee prerequisites

  • Programming expertise: C and/or MASM
  • Have written device drivers/utilities for OEM hardware (DOS device drivers, ROM BIOS, test utilities)
  • Must be a licensee of the following software
    • OS/2 2.x, OS/2 Warp
    • Developers Connection Device Driver Kit
    • MSC 6.0


  • OS/2 Structure
  • Device Driver types
  • Physical Device Driver
    • Character vs Block
  • Modes, Times
    • Init, Kernel, Interrupt, Timer
  • Init sequence
    • Config.sys processing
  • Utilities, debuggers
    • Compiler, Assembler, Linker usage
    • Symbol Generation (MAPSYM)
    • Kernel Debugger (KDB)
  • Processor support
  • Semaphores
  • PDD Address spaces
    • Memory Management
  • Monitor implementations
  • VDD Communication
  • Lab: Develop OEM Physical Device Driver


  • N/A