OS2DD303 - OS/2 Adapter Device Driver (ADD)

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OS/2 Device Drivers for SCSI or Proprietary Interfaces


This five day workshop will enable programmers to write OS/2 Adapter device drivers (ADD). An ADD communicates with SCSI or proprietary I/O interfaces which usually connect to DASD, CD-ROM, etc.

This class will identify the protocol on how the ADD communicates with the Device Manager (DMD) using the IORB interface. Installation and debug techniques will also be covered. The Developer Connection Device Driver Kit (Devcon-DDK) will be used extensively in order to build and test the ADD.

Target audience

IBM or OEM programmers who code device drivers for PC I/O interfaces such as SCSI or proprietary.

Attendee prerequisites

  • Programming expertise: C (MASM useful)
  • Have written device drivers for DASD I/O hardware (DOS device drivers, ROM BIOS, test utilities)
  • Attendee must be a licensee of the following software:
    • OS/2 2.x, OS/2 Warp
    • Developer Connection Device Driver Kit (Devcon-DDK), MSC 6.0
    • Knowledge of OS/2 Physical Device Driver (recommend attendance at OS2DD101 workshop)


  • OS/2 Structure
  • Device Driver types
  • Driver Stack under OS/2
    • Adapter Device Driver (ADD)
    • Filter ADD (FLT), Device Manager (DMD)
    • Installation (BASEDEV= )
    • Boot sequence
  • ADD Development considerations
    • Command line parameters
    • Error handling
  • IORB - Format, Control
  • Device Table Structure
    • IOctl functions, parameters
  • CDROM filter ADD example
    • Sample Code layout
  • Device Driver Profiles
  • Impact: SCSI versus proprietary interfaces
  • Lab: Adapter device driver development


  • N/A