OS2DD305 - OS/2 Device Manager/Filter (DMD/FLT)

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Course OS2DD305 - Logical Device Managers, Filter Device Drivers, OS/2 2.x Device Managers (DMD), Filter (FLT)


This five day workshop will enable programmers to write a Device Manager Driver (DMD). A DMD enables the logical support of a particular device type (such as hard disks, CDROM, printers, scanners, etc). A filter enables added value software such as disk encryptors or compression.

This workshop will identify the protocol on how to implement a DMD or FLT to provide a uniform interface to its clients (Adapter Device Drivers (ADD). Installation and debug techniques will also be covered. The OS/2 Developer Connection Device Driver Kit (Devcon-DDK) will be used extensively in order to build and test the Device Manager (DMD), and filter (FLT).

Target audience

IBM or IHV programmers who code device drivers for logical devices such as CDROM, WORM, etc. The code developed in this module is independent of the physical connection (i.e. SCSI, proprietary) to the logical device.

Attendee prerequisites

  • Programming expertise: C (MASM useful)
  • Knowledge of OS/2 Physical Device Driver (attend OS2DD101 or equivalent)
  • Knowledge of IHV programming protocol
  • Attendee must be a licensee of the following software:
    • OS/2 2.x, OS/2 Warp
    • Developer Connection Device Driver Kit (Devcon-DDK)
    • MSC 6.0


  • OS/2 Structure
  • Device Driver types
  • Driver Stack under OS/2 2.0
    • Adapter Device Driver (ADD)
    • Filter ADD
    • Device Manager (DM)
    • Installation (BASEDEV= )
  • Boot sequence
  • DMD Development considerations
    • Command line parameters
    • Error handling
  • IORB
    • Control
    • Format
  • Device Table Structure
  • OS2DASD.DMD example walkthrough
    • Sample Code layout
  • Device Driver Profiles
  • DDK contents
    • Organization, Build tree, Tools
    • Display test tool (DTT)
    • Test case DLLs
  • Lab: Device Manager development


  • N/A