OS2DD308 - NDIS-MAC LAN Device Drivers

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Course OS2DD308 - LAN Device Drivers, OS/2 2.x MAC NDIS-MAC Network Device Drivers


This five day workshop will enable programmers to write OS/2 Media Access Control (MAC) Device Drivers. A MAC enables LAN server 3.0 & 4.0 to support a particular type (or brand) of a LAN card.

This seminar describes how the MAC communicates with the OS/2 LAN Server; the LAN device driver stack will be reviewed in detail. Installation and debug techniques will also be covered. The OS/2 Developer Connection Device Driver Kit (Devcon-DDK) will be used extensively in order to build and test the MAC.

Target Audience

IBM or OEM programmers who code device drivers for LAN hardware for the PC, such as Token Ring or Ethernet.

Attendee prerequisites

  • Programming expertise: C and/or MASM
  • Have written device drivers/utilities for OEM hardware (DOS device drivers, ROM BIOS, test utilities)
  • Attendee must be a licensee of the following software:
    • OS/2 2.x, OS/2 Warp
    • Developer Connection Device Driver Kit (Devcon-DDK)
    • MSC 6.0
    • Knowledge of OS/2 Physical Device Drivers (recommend attendance at OS2DD101 workshop)


  • OS/2 LAN support Structure
    • LAN server, Extended services
    • LAN enabler, NTS/2, CM/2
  • NDIS architecture
    • Protocol stacks
    • Configuration
  • Multiple protocol support
  • Modes
    • Init, interrupt, transmit, receive routines
  • Init sequence - Config.sys processing
  • Utilities, debuggers
  • Semaphores
  • MAC Address spaces, Memory Management
  • Lab: Develop OEM MAC


  • N/A