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Welcome to the electronic publication, OS/2Views™. This publication is dedicated to providing you with both original articles on OS/2 topics as well as a digest of topics of special interest to OS/2 users and prospective users.

In this our first issue we are fortunate to have original articles by two key OS/2 shareware authors. Ray Gwinn, developer of the SIO communications drivers for OS/2 talks to us about comm drivers and their importance to system operations. Dave Wallenberg, developer of PMPatrol a system's resource monitoring program gives us key insights into the importance and value of system monitoring in a multitasking/multithreaded operating environment. We enjoyed and learned from both of these articles and we feel sure that you will too. Enjoy.

We have included several reprints or excerpts of reprints on several interesting topics, and in the future we will be including shareware reviews of the latest, native OS/2 software. In this regard we want input from you in the form of topic suggestions, articles, reviews, quips and tips. Please see our Help Wanted section below for more details. Above all let us know what you think, and what you would like to see here. We will do our best to provide it.

Thank you for reading this issue, and we hope you will be regular reader of our future issues.

Waddell Robey, Editor