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By Sigurd Fastenrath

Translated to English by Google Translate.

For this year, I chose a project that has emerged only recently. My works on "maximum warp PC" I had initially been set, this is the end, after I have installed a graphics card AMD Radeon 7850 with 2GB of RAM, a 2 terabyte drive and further details, mutates into a games PC with Windows 7. But there are two free primary partitions that are envisaged for a later attempt.

With the cloning of installations I have made very good experiences. However - currently excites me the idea to set up a new Merlin DVD. How do I do that and the successes / failures here I would like to report here in no particular order.

The eComStation 2.2 beta 2 has already a good installation rate on modern hardware, but also some limitations (of which possibly are already working), for which there currently are surprisingly a few other solutions; such as:

- Memory problem on newer Intel systems (512 MB Memory Hole) -> Remedy the QS loader that offers amazing opportunities to intervene in the system start the system BEFORE, eg by selection between kernel loader and some diagnostic tools. The OS4Loader fixes the memory problem as well, but is not as extensive as the QS Loader. In addition, the QSLoader - so you can understand that - actually a completely new development, so does not violate any patents. In addition, the QA Loader allows you to take advantage of memory over 4GB, which are provided as a virtual disk. And the developer responds very lively and fast to ask :roll:

- OS / 4 kernel - if the now "knotless" is legally, I do not know, but it seems to work fairly stable.

My last warp I've burned in 2011 4 DVD, this included already at the start of InstallationsDVD AHCI driver and also the possibility of USB to start. In the meantime, however, some drivers have changed.

I am currently in the planning phase and is now pursuing the following order:

  • Setting up of an original OS / 2 Merlin 4:52 system on an IBM ThinkPad X41
  • Installation of software UpdCD
  • Setting up the Fixpacs, updates and additional software for the OS / 4 DVD in UpdCD
  • Determining the Available Driver Updates
  • Installation of additional add-on software (Dream: DFSEE during the boot process), CUPS, Samba etc.
  • Determining the necessary config.sys for the installation process
  • Mixing the DVD
  • Burning
  • It Works? :roll:

I will try and adjust to appropriate images. As I said there is no set time frame, rough bearing is to autumn 2014 If this DVD is useful, it is provided only for me anyway, alone of so please do not consider as a rival to eCs!

Suggestions for improvement I like to take on! OS / 2 versus hardware - Maximum Warp!