P1067 - OS/2 V2 PM Programming Using C++ and ICL:UI

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This course provides the basic concepts that C++ programmers and application developers need to program OS/2 Version 2 Presentation Manager (PM) applications using the C++ language. This course uses the IBM Class Library: User Interface (ICL:UI) to create the PM windows and controls needed for your applications.


4.5 days


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Use the IBM C Set++ product to develop applications using C++ and the IBM Class Library: User Interface (ICL:UI)
  • Code the ICL:UI member functions needed to create frame windows and menus by modifying and adding code to existing ICL:UI applications
  • Use the member functions of ICL:UI to create controls:
    • Static text
    • Entry fields
    • Multi-line edit fields
    • Buttons
    • Group boxes
    • Icon and bitmap controls
    • List boxes
    • Combo boxes
    • Notebooks
    • Containers
  • Use the control layout management classes:
    • View port
    • Multi-cell canvas
  • Code member functions needed to process events from the OS/2 PM system including:
    • Menu and push button events
    • Selection events


C++ programmers and application developers. This course is not recommended for non-programmers.


Before taking this course, you should be able to:

  • Write C++ language programs. A working knowledge of C++ is required to understand the lecture materials and the lab exercises.
  • Understand the basic functions of OS/2 V2. These skills can be developed by taking various OS/2 courses or by having equivalent job experience. Understanding how PM works would be beneficial, but is not a requirement for the course.