P1072 - OS/2 2.1 Advanced Support Workshop

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This course offers Support Staff a chance to further extend their knowledge with regards to IBM OS/2 Version 2.1.


  • Hands-on Labs.


  • 2 Days.


  • English (P1072)


The topics which win be covered are:

  • Resolving OS/2 bugs
  • Introduction to "INF" files
  • Introduction to Rexx
  • Introduction to Advanced Rexx
  • OS/2 Video
  • OS/2 Support services
  • OS/2 Maintenance and Recovery
  • OS/2 Printing

Who Should Take This Course

What You Are Taught

Upon completing this course, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss the effects of altering various OS/2 parameters
  • Create an "INF" file
  • Create and run simple REXX programs
  • Create and run programs that can automatically create folders and program reference objects on their Desktop
  • Explain the how OS/2 handles the Video subsystem
  • State the available OS/2 Support services
  • Create a bootable OS/2 diskette
  • Describe how OS/2 internally handles printing requests


Course Materials