PCMCIA Problem with Dell Latitude LX4xxxD

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Last update: 7th February, 1996


The PCMCIA drivers supplied with OS/2 Warp fail to configure PCMCIA cards correctly on a Dell Latitude LX4100D; A cold boot results in the socket services driver (PCMCIA.SYS) showing a Trap 000e, a warm boot will allow the drivers to load correctly, but the auto-configurator will incorrectly indentify any cards that are present. (e.g. a modem will appear to be a memory card.)


The problem occurs with Dell Latitude LX4100D and LX475D Laptops with a flash BIOS revision earlier than A02


The flash BIOS in less recent LX's does not support plug and play PCMCIA.


Upgrading the flash BIOS to level A02 will cure all; The BIOS upgrade can be obtained from Dell via their WWW and FTP sites; The file LATLXA02.EXE is a self-extracting archive that contains the BIOS upgrade program and instructions on how to use it.

URL's for the file are (note case!):





By D A J Ripley

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