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PC Magazine was published by Ziff-Davis in paper form in the USA from 1982 to January 2009, it is still published in Asia in print format and in the rest of the world in digital form. It was originally dedicated to the IBM PC platform but has more recently become more oriented towards general technology coverage.

Issues from the late 80s into the to mid 90s cover OS/2 programming topics.

For OS/2 development related PC Magazine articles go to EDM/2 - PC Magazine.

OS/2 Related Articles

  • Life Beyond Windows 95: NT 4.0 & OS/2 4.0. By Michael J. Miller (1996) [1]
  • Understanding the OS/2 Config.sys file. By Esther Schindler. (1996-May-14). [2]
  • Exploring OS/2 Config.sys file. By Esther Schindler. (1996-Mar-12). [3]
  • OS/2 2.1: Good Performance, Improved Hardware Support (1993-Sep-14) 38
  • IBM Extended Services with Database Server for OS/2 (1992-Sep-15)19
  • Paradox OS/2: A Good Reason to Buy OS/2 (1988-Sep-13) 43
  • Coming to Terms with OS/2. By Bill Machrone (1987-Oct-27) 65
  • OS/2 Software: The Quick and the Dirty. By Stephen Manes (1987-Oct-27) 85
PC Mag 1989-10-17
  • OS/2— A Rich Communications Environment. [4]
  • The Marriage of Text and Graphics, Part I. Charles Petzold! Die-hards may not admit it — and it's no simple feat — but the key to proper text display lies in the OS/2 Graphics Programming Interface. [5]

PC Mag 1989-06-27
  • WordPerfect for Operating System/2. Retains the look and feel of its DOS counterpart [6]
  • Dvorak to OS/2: Sink or swim. [7]
  • Environments by Charles Petzold. Games are often the first programs written for a new graphical user interface. . [8]
PC Mag 1989-06-13
  • Databases for OS/2. The First Wave [9]
PC Mag 1989-05-30
  • ENVIRONMENTS IBM’s OS/2 1.1 Programming Toois Charles Petzoldt IBM’s technical documentation for OS/2 1 . 1 and the Presentation Manager is formidable, mnning to more than 3.000 [10]
PC Mag 1989-05-16
  • ENVIRONMENTS PM Programs and Non-PM Programs. Charles Petzoldl You can't use the Presentation Manager's Graphics Programming Interface without adopting its message-based system architecture. Understanding OS/2 program types will show. [11]
  • POWER PROGRAMMING Putting a Mouse in Your Programs. Ray Duncan! Even the most dedicated keyboard pounders must recognize the need to provide mouse support in today’s applications. Here's how you can do it in DOS and OS/2, complete with two simple demonstration. [12]
PC Mag 1989-04-25
  • ENVIRONMENTS Booting OS/2 1.1 from a Floppy Disk. Charles Peizold! IBM’s OS/2 1.1 manual shows how to boot DOS from a floppy, but if you still live in the DOS world, here’s how to get OS/2 going on an occasional basis. [13]
PC Mag 1989-04-11
  • OPERATING ENVIRONMENTS The Truth About Presentation Manager. [14]