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Author Herwig Bauernfeind
License Freeware

PDFMergeNX is an application to manipulate PDF files in various ways. Currently it can be used to

  • Merge PDF/PS[/TIF/FAX/JPEG/many other image formats] plus plain text files
  • Split PDF/PS files into single pages
  • Print PDF/PS files
  • View PDF/PS files (builtin Mini-PDF/PS-Viewer)
  • Compare (text) content of 2 PDF/PS files (using Araxis PMDiff)
  • Extract PS files from PDF files
  • Flip pages upside down
  • Add bookmarks (currently it cannot extract already present bookmarks)
  • Add and update PDF metadata such as title, subject, author, keywords
  • Rearrange pages
  • Load/save (broken in Beta.4, fixed in post-beta.4 builds) listfiles to add sets of PDF/PS files at once
  • Extract text from PDF/PS files
  • more features to be added.

PDFMergeNX already has

  • various options (page alignment, import bookmark headings etc.)
  • national language support (English default, German and (outdated) Dutch included)
  • a simple builtin distiller (based on GhostScript, cannot do bookmarks)
  • support for ePDF as distiller (required if either bookmarks should be created, or the output should be encrypted, or a background watermark should be applied).
  • scripting support: The latest testbuild has builtin support for REXX plugin scripts (2 at the moment). Using this you can add custom functionality, automate several tasks, create macros. The complete PDFMergeNX environment is available within the scripts. An example script is included, however documentation is rudimentary. Please ask me if you intend to create script,I will provide the necessary documentation upon request.
  • Note: Simple errors in scripts will crash PDFMergeNX (no error handler yet!)
  • Scripts must be named script1.cmd and/or script2.cmd

PDFMergeNX provides a graphical user interface and acts as glue between GhostScript, XPDF 3.02 package (GCC edition) and ePDF (these all must be installed as a prerequisite).

Note: Post-beta.4 builds of PDFMergeNX require XPDF 3.02 (GCC-Edition), because it is the only XPDF package that comes with pdftoppm.exe, which is used in post-beta.4 builds.