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Pm123 shot.gif
Version 1.40
Author Taneli Leppä
Samuel Audet
Dmitry A. Steklenev
License GNU GPL V2
Download pm123-1_40.exe
Website [1]

PM123 is mainly a native OS/2 PM application for playing audio MPEG 1.0, 2.0 and 2.5 Layer I, II, and III. It does so by using mpg123 engine, which is still quite fast.


The player supports:

  • Playlist support, including Playlist Manager and Shuffle support. Also supports WarpAmp (.LST), WinAmp (.PLS) and Internet (.M3U) style playlists
  • Drag and Drop support
  • Skin support, including WinAmp skin converter
  • Plug-in support
    • Visual - See what you hear
    • Decoder - Play anything
    • Filter - Make it sound better
    • Output - Play it or Save it anywhere
  • The usual Fast Forward, Rewind and Seek Slider
  • An ID3 Tag Editor
  • Possible to setup as a Netscape Navigator helper application to use with mpg123 HTTP Streaming
  • Remote Control through Pipes
  • Bookmark System

Included plug-ins have the following features:

  • mpg123 - Decoder for MPEG Audio Files
    • Downmix and Mono
    • MMX support
    • 10 band ISO R10 standard series Graphic Equalizer
    • HTTP Streaming support including SHOUTcast and icecast
    • Also supports Title Streaming
    • Can save streaming data to hard disk
    • Read Ahead Stream Buffering
    • The usual Fast Forward, Rewind and Seek Slider
  • wavplay - Decoder for WAV files
    • The usual Fast Forward, Rewind and Seek Slider
  • cddaplay - Play CD tracks through CDDA
    • Playing through CDDA allows filtering of the music
    • CDDB support
    • The usual Fast Forward, Rewind and Seek Slider
  • analyzer - A Spectrum Analyser and Oscilloscope
    • Uses Fast DIVE API
    • Real-Time analysis and display of currently playing data.
    • Fallout Rate, Update Frequency and Percentage of viewed spectrum can be changed
  • scroller - Uses System Fonts to display file/track/stream information
    • Supports any characters supported by the version of OS/2 installed
  • os2audio - Outputs sound to your sound card
    • Uses Fast DART API
    • Conversion of 16-bit streams to 8-bit for 8-bit sound cards
    • Millisecond accurate fetching of data for Visual Plug-ins
    • Dynamic Priority Boost
    • Support for shared and multiple sound cards
    • User changeable amount of buffered decoded data for a more responsive system
  • wavout - Outputs sound to your hard disk
    • Outputs sound directly to your hard disk in WAV format
  • realeq - A Professional Equalizer for music lovers
    • MMX optimization to allow unprecedented amount of coefficient. Up to 4096 on a Celeron 500.
    • 32 1/3 octave ISO R10 Standard Series bands
    • Independent control of the Left and Right channel.