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Version 4.3 (1996)
Vendor WallyWare
License Shareware

PM Patrol is robust, yet easy to use resource monitoring and management software for OS/2 version 2.1 and higher.

PM Patrol is designed to run all the time, from bootup to shutdown. Always visible and accessible, PM Patrol offers quick access to many different monitors and related utilities.

PM Patrol allows you to monitor and track several different resources of your OS/2 system. These resources are presented to you in a very unintrusive and meaningful display providing you insight into current system activities. The appearance of PM Patrol has maintained the attitude that this tool should be visible, yet not use valuable desktop space.

PM Patrol has a broad appeal. The information PM Patrol provides is valuable to a number of audiences including novices, heavy users, and software engineers and developers. Some PM Patrol monitors and utility items are geared more toward software developers, but the majority of PM Patrol is valuable to anyone. PM Patrol offers numerous and intuitive selections for monitoring OS/2 status and activities:

  • Display current Date/Time with optional synchronization to network server.
  • System up-time for workstation
  • Internet Connect-Time for workstation (requires IBM's Internet Access Kit).
  • Network user ID, Domain, server, and network I/O traffic for the workstation
  • Processes, threads, DLLs, drivers, and shared memory activity
  • Event monitoring and notification of critical OS/2 resources and thresholds.
  • CPU activity per Process and Thread in graphical view
  • Complete drive summary and detail information with graphical utilization
  • Local or remote print spooler jobs on a per queue basis
  • Disk Drives on-line (including network drives)
  • Free space for selected drives (up to 6 drives including network drives)
  • OS/2 swap activity
  • Identify system levels for OS/2 component installed
  • OS/2 free real and virtual memory activity
  • Active number of OS/2 processes and threads
  • CPU utilization (current vs. rolling average over last 1 minute)
  • Battery status for mobile computers
  • Graphical views of memory, CPU usage, and swapping

PM Patrol contains a suite of robust utility and OS/2 desktop functions:

  • Robust monitoring of OS/2 processes and threads (Process Monitor window) with ability to monitor CPU utilization per process, memory used per process, process priorities, and "kill" ill-behaved programs.
  • Process Meter features provides unattended operation and automatic collection of process statistics for identifying duration, CPU consumption, and instances over a range of time.
  • Quick-access program launcher with priority control
  • Quick-access program scheduler with priority control for timed events
  • Network Monitor and I/O statistics for workstation
  • Summary and detailed information of drives
  • Summary and detailed information of OS/2 configuration and environment
  • Changing the mouse and wait pointers in OS/2
  • Fast Find files (pattern, size, last access, attributes, network drives)
  • Fast Help for all OS/2 and Windows help information files on-line
  • Fast access to WorkPlace Shell object classes
  • Find duplicate files
  • Drive utilization and analysis with graphical distribution
  • Fast Format diskettes
  • Print queue management
  • Identify system levels for OS/2 component installed
  • Minimize all visible windows (and restore all minimized windows)
  • Security to protect PM Patrol settings and configuration for stand-alone and network use
  • Suspending power for mobile computers (sleep mode)
  • Suspending PM Patrol monitors
  • Forced OS/2 shutdown
  • Changing mouse and wait pointers for all display types
  • Set system date and time
  • Several command-line utilities such as Fast Find and Find Duplicate files, Print Spooler Management, and more
  • API interfaces to retrieve real-time statistics from PM Patrol
PM Patrol - OS/2 System Resource Management Software - The fully program and source code were sold to BMC software.