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Command prompt programm to create OS/2 Warp boot logos.

PrepLogo is run as follows:

> preplogo filename[.bmp] [options]

The output files are placed in the working (current) directory. They will consist of either a single boot logo file names "filename.lgo" or the four input files to makelogo named "filename.vr0" through "filename.vr3" if the /M option is used. The four files must be renamed "vram0.dat" through "vram3.dat" before MAKELOGO.EXE can be run with them.

After the logo file is produced, changing the boot logo is as simple as copying "filename.lgo" to "os2logo" on your boot drive. You will have to remove the attributes on "os2logo" before you can copy your new logo on. This is done by typing "attrib -s -h -r os2logo" at the OS/2 Command Prompt.

NOTE: You should have already done this when you backed up your original OS2LOGO file.