PS060 - OS/2 Warp REXX Programming

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This hands-on lab is designed to teach you the skills necessary to write, test, and debug REXX programs using OS/2 WARP Version 3. REXX is a procedural language integrated into OS/2 which goes beyond the capabilities of DOS batch files. This easy-to-learn interpretive programming language is a powerful tool for both data processing professionals and end users. Since REXX is a Systems Application Architecture (SAA) language, the syntax and techniques that you learn will be applicable to other SAA environments such as CMS, TSO-E, and OS/400.


3 days

What you will learn

After successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Use the basic REXX instruction set;
  • Use REXX functions and subroutines;
  • Use the REXX stack facility;
  • Use the parsing capability of REXX;
  • Write information to the screen and read user responses;
  • Read and write data files;
  • Call OS/2 commands, programs, application programming interfaces and external functions from within a REXX program;
  • Use REXX to customize OS/2 applications;
  • Use REXX debugging aids.


This course is designed for both programmers and technically oriented OS/2 users.


Students should have a basic knowledge of a high level programming language such as BASIC or FORTRAN and should be familiar with OS/2 WARP Version 3.


  • Not Available