PS900 - OS/2 Warp V3 Problem Determination Workshop 1 - Application Trap

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This course teaches you how to debug OS/2 Warp applications using the dump formatter.

  • How OS/2 Warp uses the Intel x86 hardware to implement a protected virtual storage environment
  • Determine why a trap occurs, and how to display descriptors, page table entries, data and instructions
  • Introduction to reading and interpreting mnemonic machine-level instructions
  • How a stack is used by both hardware and software
  • The use of application documentation during problem analysis
  • How to gather proper documentation for a problem


4 days


The student will be given lectures supported by extensive dump diagnosis practice on sample application traps. This course is the foundation for the rest of this series of courses.

What you will learn

The workshop combines classroom lecture with hands-on exercises. Students who successfully complete this course can do the following:

  • Describe the virtual storage environment of OS/2 Warp
  • Display components of a virtual storage address, and data
  • Display code segments as mnemonic machine instructions, and determine the operations they will perform
  • Gather appropriate documentation necessary for diagnosis
  • Describe why a trap occurs
  • Use the dump formatter
  • Create and analyze a valid dump of a trap
  • Determine which program or routine caused the trap
  • Describe the use of data displayed on a trap screen


  • Basic programming skills/concepts, "C" preferred, but not required. These basic concepts should include an understanding of arrays, pointers and linked lists.
  • Assembly language or Processor Architecture concepts, Intel X86 preferred, but not required.
  • Basic skills for using OS/2 Warp