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Peter started his career by designing computers in the early 80's and started using OS/2 at version V2.10. He has been developing applications for this operating system since 1995. From 1997 onwards, he has concentrated his efforts on Maul Publisher, a professional-level desktop publishing application that is constantly being improved by Peter. He is located in France.

Contact Information


  • Maul Publisher
  • Drive Information
  • Yet Another File Viewer II
  • European Juggle
  • Maison Anglais Calculator
  • Account Filter
  • Sizer
  • Sleep
  • PM Make
  • Program Editor
  • IP Spool
  • Yes it's a clock - Open Source
  • SANE2TWAIN - Open Source -
  • spamcopy - Open Source - GNU GPL
  • Generic GBM Module for Maul Publisher
  • WinMeta library


  • Warpstock Europe 2007: Maul Publisher Training Session [1]
  • Warpstock Europe 2006 Speaker