Picking Up files

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OS/2 Warp and eComStation has the functionality to select several files and "pick them up" as a group to move or copy them to another location.

Select group of files that you want to copy or move, and make a right click. Select the "Pickup" option from the context menu.


After that you will notice two things:

1) The mouse cursor will change to have a "briefcase" icon on it.


2) The files that you picked up will be colored "grey".


Now open the new location of the files and make a right click and select "drop". Or you can select the arrow to see other options that you have.


After that the files will be available on the new location.


If you want to cancel the "Pickup" you will need to right click the files that you picked up (the ones that are grey now), right click and select "Cancel Drag".


After cancelling the drag the mouse pointer icon and the file icons will return to normal.