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Version 1.01
Author Kevin G. McCoy
License Freeware / Discontinued

PrjBld is a tool used to create Project Folders. A Project Folder is a normal OS/2 desktop folder full of all the application icons and directory shadows you need to work on a single project. Each application or utility found in the Project Folder is pre-configured to use the correct project source path and DOS/WinOS/2 settings.You can instantly start work on any project by clicking on the appropriate IDE icon. No more loading up the IDE and manually selecting Files|Open|Projectname!

PrjBld works with any OS/2, DOS or Win16 application.

A project folder allows you to quickly move between projects. When a client or boss calls to ask about an old project, you are never more than a couple mouse clicks from the answer. Many times, you can open more than one copy of your IDE, so you don't disrupt work in progress when you need to browse another project.

PrjBld is useful for Programmers and Technical Writers.

You have complete control over the icons that are placed in the folder. Instruct PrjBld to create word processor, spread sheet or CAD program objects in each folder. PrjBld automatically configures each application icon to either start up in the project directory or sets the applications command line to work with your project files. The shadow directories are all configurable by you. If a directory does not exist at creation time, PrjBld can automatically create it for you.

Using a project folder is easy! Just click on one of the Program icons, and it will automatically open the appropriate data file. Example: Double-clicking VPPM (Virtual Pascal/2) in the folder above will launch it and show you "HotPrj" Pascal files.

Directory shadow folders open to show you the individual project files. Double click on TEMP to see the contents of your TEMP directory. The directories that appear are completely user configurable.

PrjBld has a built in macro language to auto-create command line strings for your favourite applications and utilities.

Once PrjBld has created a new folder, simply delete/shred any icons you don't need - that way, PrjBld can be used to create projects for Windows, DOS or OS/2 without a lot of setup time. Deleting an icon removes only the icon: All application icons are simply pointers back to the actual application; Directory icons are all shadows of the actual directory and are safely removable.