Problems recognising various CD-ROM drives

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Last Updated: 27th November, 1994


Various problems recognizing CD-ROM drives at installation time (e.g. SBCD2 not recognizing drives with unit codes other than zero), possibly other CD-ROM-related problems as well.


Any of the following CD-ROM drives:

  • Philips LMS CM205, CM225 (single session)
  • Philips LMS CM205, CM225 (multisession)
  • Philips CM206, CM226
  • Sony CDU-531, 535, 6150, 6201, 6205, 6251, 7201, and 7205 CD-ROM drives attached to a Sony CDB-240 series (or compatible) host adapter.
  • Mitsumi CRMC-FX001 (single speed), CRMC-FX001D (double-speed)
  • Mitsumi CRMC-LU005, CRMC-LU002
  • Tandy CDR-1000 (Mitsumi)
  • BSR-6800 (Mitsumi)
  • Creative Labs OmniCD
  • IBM ISA CD-ROM Drive
  • Panasonic CR-521,522,523,562,563


Problems with Warp GA drivers.


Obtain an updated driver for your CD-ROM drive. These are currently available from the Talklink OS2BBS and CompuServe, and from in the /pub/os2/incoming directory. README files for each driver are included showing how to install them and what parameters each accepts.

The links currently point to - jon

File names:

 [[CDDRVR.ZIP]]   All fixes contained in one file  1.0  11/22/94   93440
 [[WLM205.ZIP]]   Philips LMS205 CD Driver         1.0  11/22/94   22320
 [[WLM206.ZIP]]   Philips LMS206 CD Driver         1.0  11/22/94   23680
 [[WMITFX.ZIP]]   Mitsumi CD Drivers               1.0  11/22/94   16640
 [[WSBCD2.ZIP]]   SoundBlaster CD Driver           1.0  11/22/94   15600
 [[WSONY5.ZIP]]   Sony 535 CD Driver               1.0  11/22/94   14720



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