Prolifc PL2303 USB 2.0 to COM

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Prolifc PL2303 USB 2.0 to COM
Port: USB
Very Good

General Specs

  • Model: PL2303 USB 2.0 to COM
  • HardwareID: 067b:2303

General Comments

The device is recognized by lsusb like "Prolific Technology, Inc. PL2303 Serial Port / Mobile Phone Data Cable"

Testing the Device

Add the following line to the config.sys below USBKBD.SYS.


Now you can run "MODE COM1" if the device is on COM1 to test it out. If the device is unplugged you get:

[C:\]mode COM1
SYS0021: The drive is not ready.

If you plug the device you get:

[C:\]mode COM1
baud     = 9600                   parity   = NONE
databits = 8                      stopbits = 1
TO       = OFF                    XON      = OFF
IDSR     = OFF                    ODSR     = OFF
OCTS     = OFF                    DTR      = ON
RTS      = ON                     BUFFER   = N/A