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Author by Ed Durrant (edurrant at durrant.mine.nu)

Document version 0.1 20th. September 2009.

QEMU has been around for several years on multiple platforms. It now has an alpha version of the code ported to OS/2 - eComStation. As yet I have not been able to get this code to run even in command line mode - it is an early release version. QEMU differs from other virtualisation "engines" in that it has the ability (at least on its main platforms" to emulate different processors, something other packages cannot do. This means for example, you could run QEMU on an Intel machine but the virtual client could be made to think that it is running on a PowerPC based IBM AIX system, or on a games console. This level of emulation does affect performance when compared to other virtualisation products as there is far more work to be performed, it is not just pass through of the CPU instructions as is the case when the Virtualised machine see's the actual CPU in use.


Component Name Driver
USB passthru
Parallel Port printer access


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