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Author dixie
License Freeware
Download * QSINIT loader, latest version

QSINIT is a replacement of OS2LDR created from scratch.

QSINIT share some functionality with OS/4 like OS2LDR.INI file format (kernel menu and options) is because the author was part of the OS/4 team and wrote the same part of OS/4 OS2LDR, also the author decided it was a good idea to have OS/4 compatibility.

Installation and use

Latest version works fine with current version of ACPI.PSD once /VW parameter is specified (e.g.: PSD=ACPI.PSD /VW). To install QSINIT:

  • rename original IBM OS2LDR to OS2LDR.OLD;
  • unzip OS2LDR and QSINIT.LDI to the root of boot drive;
  • create OS2LDR.INI in the root (see readme.txt for example) and reboot.

This will solve the "just 512 MB of RAM" problem on EFI.

  • Additional Instructions to use the remaining RAM memory to create a RAMDISK, for example for the temporary directory or the swap file.


  • Binary form of this package is freeware.
  • Source code for non-commercial use only.

This application is based on part on:

  • zlib 1.2.5 (c) 1995-2010 Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler - zlib License.
  • FatFs - FAT file system module (c) 2011, ChaN. - BSD 1-Clause
  • PMODE 3.07 (c) 1994, Tran (a.k.a. Thomas Pytel) - AS IS Freeware