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QuickMotion gives your OS/2 system the power to play QuickTime, Quicktime VR, and Windows-style AVI movies by seamlessly integrating QuickTime support into OS/2 multimedia. As a 32-bit extension for OS/2 multimedia, it gives all of your OS/2 multimedia applications the ability to play these new types of movies.

QuickMotion can do this because it contains a complete QuickTime engine, with support for all the most popular video and audio decompressors (Indeo, Cinema, Animation, IMA, etc.). Version 2.0 adds support for Virtual Reality objects and single- and multi-node panoramas.

Included with QuickMotion is QuickFlick, a native plugin for the OS/2 version of Netscape Navigator that uses QuickMotion to let you experience QuickTime-enhanced web sites the way they were meant to be experienced. QuickFlick can also be run directly from your desktop

QuickMotion Version 2.0 has native OS/2 support for QuickTime Virtual Reality. Now QuickMotion puts you in control of the largest collection of virtual objects and panoramas on the web - QuickTime VR movies!

QuickMotion's QuickTime VR Engine

Who says OS/2 always plays second fiddle? Here's what you can do with QuickMotion that you CAN'T do with plugins on other platforms:

  • Both "grab" and "spin" controllers are always available (see User's Guide)
  • Continuous zoom using right mouse button
  • Start navigating a multi-node panorama before it's done downloading
  • All codecs supported (most Windows plugins do not support JPEG, for example)
  • Hands-free operation with auto-spin at any speed
  • Fully accurate correction all the time (no cheating for speed)
  • Pentium-optimized renderer
  • Save frames in all popular formats
  • Quick copy frame for export
  • Precise rotation +/- 90/180º
  • Keyboard commands don't require mouse to be over window
  • Movie windows are children of the desktop (no lame MDI interface)
  • Custom WPS class for QuickTime Movies means you can view QTVR with a double-click


  • QuickTime, QuickTime VR, and Windows-style AVI movie support
  • QuickFlick plugin for Netscape
  • QuickFlick stand-alone movie player

Minimum system requirements:

  • IBM-compatible 486
  • 8MB RAM
  • OS/2 Warp
  • VGA
  • 2.3MB free disk space