ReView Document Manager 2000

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ReView Document Manager 2000
Vendor Solution Technology Inc. (STi)
License GNU GPL V2
Website Archived


  • Flexible sorting and searching operations
  • Multiple level user security
  • Rapid file access
  • Extensive image and text file format support
  • Backup and recovery safeguards built-in
  • CD-ROM, WORM, and Optical Jukebox storage drives supported
  • DB2 Secure Optical Jukebox Back-End (via Pegasus device drivers)
  • Available in stand-alone version and client/server configurations
  • OS/2 2.11 through Warp Server for e-Business
  • NetBIOS, TCP-IP, and Database Server network topologies supported
  • CD-ROM, WORM, and Optical Jukebox (via Pegasus device drivers) storage drives supported
  • 486 processor / 16MB RAM