Remembering How to Use PMPDF

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Author Martin Iturbide
Date 2022-09-24
OS Version ArcaOS 5.0.4
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This are my personal notes since I always forget how to use PMPDF to create some PDF with OS/2-eCS.

So this is my "2016 way" to make it work.

1.- Use RPM/YUM or Arca Noae Package Manager install Ghostscript. I installed 9.18-5 version of it.

 yum install ghostscript

2.- First, install PMPDF. It works fine with the WarpIn installer.

3.- It will create a "PDF Printer" icon on "Local System - Printers".


4.- Right click the properties of the "PDF Printer".


5.- Check the "Output Port" tab. There is a new outport called "PDF", right click it and select "Properties".


6.- One "Ghostscript" tab it is important to point to gsos2.exe. But the PMPDF software will try to get it from "\bin\gsos2.exe". So if you are using RPM/YUM you only need to point it to "X:\usr".


7.- After that you can try opening Newview or any other application and print to the "PDF Printer".

Here we go with Newview and we print the document to the PDF Printer.


A pop-up screen will ask you where to save the file.


And the file is created.