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Two Resizer programs, one for Entrepreneur and one for Hopkins FBI
Parameter setting for Hopkins' resizer


usage: resizer [<window title> [<multiplier>]]

I recently installed the SciTech Display Driver for OS/2 and was pleasently surprised to discover my 19" Sony 400PS could be driven at 2048 x 1536. Once changed to this higher resolution, I increased all the fonts I could and obtained a really nice and crisp display - the higher dpi makes the lack of antialiased fonts no longer noticeable.

What was noticeable, however, was that Entrepreneur was way to tiny to play. Maximizing the window works(ie: the game correctly scales up) but pushing that many pixels is just way to much work for my system - resulting in very jerky mouse movements and thus difficult game play. The Entrepreneur window also has resizing disabled, so you cannot adjust the window to just any size. Thus I was stuck with a game that was unplayable, either too small in the default window size or to slow in the maximized window size.

I posted a query on the OS2 support group at Stardock's News Server thinking I might be able to hack the program to open with a larger window. Brad Barclay (of IBM) gave me a great suggestion on how to solve it: "send Entrepreneur a window resize message from another program", which resulted in the initial version of this program which only doubled Entrepreneur's window.

One thing I've noticed about DIVE is that it works more efficiently(faster) if the window being updated is an integer multiple of the size of the image being shown. A window that's 1.8 times bigger updates slower than a window that's 2 times bigger. Hopkins FBI supports manual resizing of the window, but trying to make it exactly 2 times bigger is very difficult. So, I set up the final version of Resizer to accept two parameters. The first is the title string of the window you wish to resize. The second is the multiplier based on the current window size. If you don't pass any parameters, it defaults with Entrepreneur and 2 to double the size of Entrepreneur's window. The title string will match any window title that begins with the value passed, so passing Hopkins will still match the real window title of Hopkins: FBI v1.0 for OS/2 Warp.