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Robert Henschel is the founder of the OS/2 User Group Dresden, Germany. He was a student of computer science at the Dresden University of Technology and worked for Netsys GmbH. At the university's Center for High Performance Computing he wrote programs on UNIX for Cray and NEC Supercomputers. Back in 1995, when buying a new computer, he chose Warp 3 over the long wait for Windows 95 and has not regretted ever since. At Netsys GmbH he was responsible for OS/2 support in the virtual machine twoOStwo and has experience in deploying virtual machine solutions.

He is also the Netlabs contributors for the Firewire driver project.

Contact Information


  • Translated to German the SmartBar application.


  • GEN-05 : sVista Roadmap - Warpstock 2004
  • GEN-10 : New Virtual Machine Options - Warpstock 2003